Saturday, May 12, 2018

just the two of us

Evan wasn't sure what he expected of Sawyer now. After all, Evan was the one who thought they should just be friends.

They'd been friends before and he'd missed those days. Actually, he felt a little lost without Sawyer. He couldn't pinpoint what went wrong. He had to remember they were both at a crossroads, being out of high school now and unsure what road they wanted to take for the future.

Still, he was sure Sawyer didn't see his point of view. Instead, he thought this was just for fun. Perhaps their relationship was just some sort of project. Evan felt as if Sawyer wasn't serious enough. But he missed him. He worried about him, wondering if Sawyer was really OK at his brother's.

Yet, he considered the fact that maybe Sawyer couldn't be on his own. He seemed to depend on family more than he said. Evan was certain it was best this way. Afterall, Sawyer was much more materialist than he knew. At least, in Evan's perspective.

The boy needed to be gaming or online, all the time. Yes, Sawyer was the extrovert. Evan was the introvert. This gave Evan mixed feelings. He wanted to be happy go lucky like Sawyer, and yet he liked his quiet place.

Had it been a mistake to invite him over?

Sawyer looked around Evan's empty apartment.

"Shouldn't you have furniture?" Sawyer looked as if he couldn't live in these conditions.

"It's not completely empty." He'd gotten on as a shelver down at the library. He was taking one summer class. Evan told him things like this took time. He was on his own. His parents weren't footing the bill. Besides, he never wanted to be a burden to them. His parents were on the verge of divorce. Evan thought it best to go his own way and let his parents deal with the house and everything else that came to splitting belongings.

Sawyer nodded and plopped himself down to the food Evan provided.

Evan asked how he was. Sawyer shrugged it off with an OK. Things weren't great.

"Have you found a job?" Evan asked.

"Me?" Sawyer's smile was open as if that was such a silly question. It was as if his father and other relatives would always pay his way. It was as if Sawyer was from a different era. Still, Evan didn't think his family was that rich.

Sawyer asked about an old gaming system. "We should play that old game." He said it had been ages. They could spend the whole day and night on Nintendo.

"Aw, I had to sell it," Evan told him. Sawyer wanted to know how much he got for it.

"Are you crazy man, you might as well have given it away." Sawyer smiled, shook his head.

"You can only get so much." Evan sighed. The economy was changing. Gas prices were outrageous. Had Sawyer even noticed?

Evan was certain they had nothing in common. Why had they liked each other in the first place?


Anonymous said...

Love them as a couple 💕

ellie said...

Oh, thanks! I like them together too. I think Sawyer needs someone like Evan. Although, I used to have an Evan character years ago, and he wasn't exactly a good guy, but this Evan will be different.