Friday, May 11, 2018

friends like us

"Are you kidding me?" Jordon was being a pain.

Wren looked up at her best friend. She wasn't sure this was true anymore, but Jordon always wanted more. She/He plopped down next to her on the bed. It was all a little too close for Wren's comfort. She didn't trust the girl she knew since fifth grade. Jordon wanted her to know, he was man enough to be her boyfriend.

Wren winced, knowing Simon would be here soon.

"I think you should go." Wren sighed, "You said you didn't even want to be here." They were in a bit of a spat and it was Wren's birthday. This wasn't the way she wanted to spend it. But these days it was all about Jordon. It was as if Jordon was so needy, especially since the start of the transition.

"I can't leave now," Jordon told her HE couldn't leave her alone with that boy. In the next breath, Jordon was telling her Simon was a girl.

Wren shook her head, not sure to laugh or cry. Where had it all gone so wrong? She'd been supportive of her friend's decision. But maybe he needed to be in a bigger support group than just her. Jordon hated everything these days. He was mad at his mom. He hated his dad. Wren knew he was being impossible.

"You didn't even bring me a present." Wren prodded Jordon along, to get going before Simon got here.

"Oh, you are as selfish as you always were." Naturally, Jordon guilt tripped her. Wren hugged her self harder. The things Jordon said were true to her nature, not Wren's, but she couldn't tell her that.

"What do you want?" Wren drew a frown. "I - I don't -"

"You know, you like it." Jordon hissed.

Wren pressed her lips tight. Yes, they'd touched. Even kissed. Only Wren didn't like this pressure. This was not where she wanted their friendship to go.

"I don't want to be friends with benefits," Wren told her.

The doorbell rang. Wren was certain this was the worst birthday ever.

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