Thursday, May 10, 2018

warming up to summer days

Valentina could imagine Ste all silly with the baby. She knew he liked being an uncle, but this time he'd have to go that extra step with the toddler. From what he explained, Valentina didn't think Stephan was much of an infant. He could move now.

"I bet he's exhausted," Valentina said with a smile as she was cleaning the counter at the bakery.

Jules told her Ste didn't know what he was in for. After all, her boss had two kids of his own. They were in preschool now. She listened to his stories of how he used to change diapers continually. "Didn't know if we'd ever get either of them potty trained."

"I bet he's doing a good job." Valentina nodded. Maybe this would be the moment that Gabby would know Ste was the one, and they'd be happily ever after.

It was a feeling she felt when she was with Ollie. Perhaps it was bliss. Yes, he made her giddy and sometimes, silly. Still, she felt a calmness with it too. She never thought it would turn out this way since he was always fickle. Or so she thought.

But the school year was coming to an end. Summer still held a certain mystery. Would there be any time for fun? She knew he would be working. She would be working. Valentina became straight-lipped. It was the same old story, wasn't it?

The door jingled. She almost forgot the bakery was still open. She looked up to see Simon. Valentina hurried to the cash register. He looked behind her, to the shelf of plushies she'd made. He pointed to a doll. He wanted it.

"It's Wren's birthday," He said.

Valentina only smiled and got it for him.

"Maybe, she'd like one of the babycakes too." She told him. There were two left.

Simon shrugged. He told her he only thought they were for little kids.

"Even old people like them." She smiled. He nodded. He'd take one of those to.

"You two looked wonderful at prom," Valentina told him she was happy to see them together.

She noticed a little sadness in his face. Perhaps, it was about her, but she wouldn't dare admit it.

"You've got so much to look forward too." She asked what he was doing this summer.

"My brother said he'd take me to Seoul." Simon shrugged. But when he looked at her, she doubted he would go. Besides, Valentina knew already there was only one person he was thinking about. And that was Wren.

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