Wednesday, May 9, 2018

I could never reach out

Ste might not have expected to be in the middle of it, but he soon found out there was a lot to do with a baby.

"Well, I dunno if..if I should be here alone with, you know, Draco's mom." He had to whisper to Gabby over the phone. Ste needed her help. Doris was taking a nap. He was doing his best to keep Ste quiet, but he could never be sure if it was his nappy that needed to be changed or did he need a bottle.

He soon learned that Stephen was breast fed. Gabby told him he needed to keep the bottle toward his chest and the baby really close to him. He needed to be held tight.

It was all little crazy to Ste. She told him she'd try to be over soon, but she was still in class.

Ste clenched his teeth. It was hopeless. Truly hopeless. No wonder Macy didn't trust him with the baby.

He walked around with the infant, wondering just how to stay calm. Actually, Ste thought he would be much better at cleaning up the kitchen and making some soup. Not this.

Ste looked back in the living room. Doris was out for the count. Finally, Ste settled in the recliner with Stephen and got situated like Gabby said. After Stephen quieted, Ste realized what cuddler the baby was. He couldn't help but smile.

Maybe it was he who was changing instead of the baby.

He thought back to the wedding. It was good to feel he was part of Macy's family. And he was glad he hadn't broken up with Gabby, after all. He didn't feel like a visitor anymore. Yes, maybe he was home, after all.

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