Sunday, May 20, 2018

three's a crowd

Simon knew this was going to be awkward. In fact, it was totally awkward from the moment he met Wren's friend at her house on Wren's birthday.

Oh, he knew Jordon seethed him from the moment he said hello, but it wasn't going to stop him from seeing Wren. After all, he'd finally found someone who was actually looking for him. He couldn't give that up.

It was the best feeling in the world, to know someone wanted to be with him.

And then there was Jordon.

He'd listened to Wren nonstop talk about her best friend. Although, she didn't think Jordon was her best friend anymore. Yet she wanted to be supportive of her trans-friend. He wanted to be supportive too.

That's when she mentioned Jordon was starting a band. There was no one to play the keyboard. Jordon played bass. So here was Simon trying to help out. He came prepared with his own equipment to Jordon's garage.

However, it had been a while since he'd played. He'd somehow wasn't attached to his expensive keyboard as used to be. Mainly, it was something to entertain himself in his room. Of course, he knew it would be a big NO to him being apart of the band, by the grim look on Jordon's face.

He went ahead and set up and got into his own groove with the melodies he knew of house music. Wren wasn't even there to stop him. After a good ten minutes of going through all sorts of beats on the keyboard, he was done. Simon looked to Jordon.

"WOW." She looked startled with her electric guitar hanging on her shoulder. " should just have your own disco or something."

Simon nodded as if he was down with that.

"It's not really my thing, you know." She pursed her lips.  Simon shrugged back.

" know I really really like Wren." Jordon's frown was small. "And you know, we've been together and and could you-"

"That was then, this is now." Simon was even lipped. No way was he giving Wren up.

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