Tuesday, June 12, 2018

at the next exit

Ivy was doing her best to focus on Will's words. He looked so tired from all the work he'd been doing, taking away limbs and scraps from the backyard. Yes, he'd come to her house to help clean up the mess the storm left. His own home wasn't much better. He was thirsty and dripping in sweat. She almost made a face of disgust.

Of course, her mind raced back at the moment she'd met someone at the amusement park while Will was in line at the concession stand. Actually, she'd seen this guy in a chicken hat. She wanted to smile about it now, as she kept it to herself, trying to fill Will up on cold lemonade. After all, she needed to be thankful the power was back on and everything was back to normal.

Or was it? She didn't think so. Especially with a guy from Adventureland in her thoughts. How could this have happened? Wasn't Will the only guy she would ever want? In a split second, she'd been mesmerized by a guy who amused her with his happiness. Yes, he gave her a certain laughter she couldn't find with Will.

Ivy didn't want to be bored of Will, but she was beginning to think he was too good for her. Or was it, she wasn't good enough for him?

She sucked in a breath thinking she would never really know this stranger she'd met for a few minutes. Yet, they'd exchanged phone numbers. Brian had not called as of yet. She doubted him now. After all, she hadn't called him, either. Silly, she knew, but it made her giddy even now that he might be her best-kept secret of summer.

Will finished up his third glass of iced lemonade after he wolfed down another tuna sandwich. He was going back to the cleanup. After he left, her phone rang. There was a familiar face on the screen.

Ivy's eyes lit. How could this be? She never imagined he would be wanting to video chat. She quickly made it up the stairs to her room and answered him.

"Hey, watcha doing?" There was something playful in his smile and she felt she was far from the maddening world she sufficed.

"Hi." She could barely breathe, thinking she should be furious and asking why was he calling.

"Heard, you guys had a pretty bad storm your way," Brian said. He was from Sioux City.

"Oh, yeah." She couldn't think what to say, but he still told her he missed her sweet smile.

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