Wednesday, June 13, 2018

going to the city or Wednesday the 13th

Brian was happy to hear from Ivy. Really, she was the best thing summer had to offer. Nothing was really keeping him in Sioux City. He'd come down to Altoona for the summer to work at Adventureland. Yes, he was on his own now with the fancy phone his sister gave him for a graduation present. Lord knows, how long he could keep up with the coverage on it, especially, if he did facetime. But it was worth it.

He needed to see Ivy again. Of course, he'd watched her that day at the amusement park. She wasn't exactly alone. She'd been with a group of some kind and that guy went everywhere with her, holding hands.

It was a relief to find her alone so he'd made his move that day. It was a quick conversation.

Naturally, he asked if they'd met before. He was sure they'd gone to school together. Of course, he doubted she'd ever been on the Rez. Honestly, Brian didn't think he was a smooth operator, but he'd thought quick and punched in his number on her contacts just to ring his own phone.

"We need to catch up, sometime." He told her he knew she was in a hurry. "Maybe, you'll remember me." His even teeth shown. He really felt she was the one. And if she was in Omaha, why not go.

His buddy Aaron warned him how the cops hurt a native there last year. "It could happen to you."

Brian laughed it off. He'd lay low. "I don't look mental, do I?" He'd stuffed his backpack and decided to take a bus, long before he ever called Ivy. He knew he was bidding his time, staying with Aaron at the trailer park. After all, he didn't have a home to go back too. He'd been in some trouble there. He'd barely finished high school.

It was the same old story. His dad drank too much and wasted what they had. His mother and sister left, but they didn't even want him when he came to visit in Sioux City. He'd been so alone to fend for himself. All he ever needed was someone so gentle and kind, like Ivy. He ached to hold her, be with her in any way.

This was the day. The best day he'd had in a long time. He promised he wouldn't face time with her, anymore.

"But, I can text? Right?" He'd asked. She hadn't said no, and he didn't tell her he was coming for her.

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