Saturday, June 23, 2018

Ollie and Valentina

Ollie was excited about finding out he might get adopted.

"I hope nothing goes wrong," He told Valentina. He said he didn't have the best track record with foster families. He'd never expected this, especially living at Betty's who already had grown children.

"Still, she did make you feel welcomed. She wanted you here." Valentina reminded him.

"I guess its, my dad." He'd never spent this much time with him in his life. He didn't want to dare think what might happen next. He hoped he was wrong, about his Dad leaving.

In Ollie's eyes, he felt his dad had always had it easy. He didn't come into his life, but ever so often. Ollie doubted those days were over.

He knew he should be happy. He was grateful to Betty. He guessed now he would see what would happen next.

A lot had changed in his life this past year. He never thought he would have Valentina in his life this way either. Everything was so positive now. He would hate to have sad thoughts now. Here was hoping, the love he felt would grow and he would be the man he should be.

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