Tuesday, June 19, 2018

time will tell

Maybe it took a storm for Xander to figure out he should go back to school and get his nursing degree before it was too late. Yes, the past year or so had been hard and he hoped this was the right thing to do.

Ducky agreed. He was certain about getting his education was something his mother would want him to do. Xander stopped talking about babies and new adoptions. After all, they were Sunny's family and they wanted to be good role models too.

He hoped it wasn't too late for him and Ducky. Xander felt he'd been sad far too long and it did no one any good for him to worry about his so-called brother Kevin. His younger brother Simon was getting ready for college and had found a new love. So maybe Kevin would find his own happiness too.

Still, the storm had left them with having to make insurance claims on hail damage with their vehicles and having to get a new roof. The basement flooded too. Xander didn't let it get him down. It was just a part of having a home and he wanted to have a good home with Ducky.

After all, he was happy to have Ducky by his side and he hoped happy times were ahead.

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