Monday, June 18, 2018

trying to keep cool

How had it come to this? June was no ordinary month, to begin with as hot summer days grew longer. But the storm had been so unexpected. Especially, to happen right after getting home from the weekend trip to Adventureland.

"See, this is what happens when you leave them in the basement," Ed told her the night they walked in on Angie and Dewey in the dark. Those two had no idea there was even a storm.

She knew her son wasn't a little boy anymore, but Betty didn't want to know everything going on with those two. Naturally, she'd played dumb. Now, she wanted to avoid Angie at all cost.

"Look, it wasn't like you were exactly a monster," Ed said they were all scared, at the time. No one knew they'd have to stay all together, hours on end in the basement.

Betty still thought she could be. It was all so sad. Things were not like they used to be. Of course, she was sure Dewey was happy to be with Angie. Since Angie didn't have a family now, they were her family and she so wanted to include her, yet she wasn't certain if she could. Besides, the aftermath of the storm kept Betty busy and in a sweat.

Thankfully, Ed and even Omaha helped get the trees out of the backyard. It was amazing she hadn't had a monster of a bill to deal with.

She hope July would be better, and she would be used to Angie and Dewey together. And she hoped she would never walk in on those two while having an intimate moment.

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