Sunday, June 17, 2018

it could be a nightmare

Valentina had doubts Will would even notice her. After all, he might as well be a giraffe and she a small kitten he'd step on.

She didn't think he liked her much, anyway. She remembered the first week of school and how he snubbed her in the hallway as if he had no time for anyone like her.

But, she felt bad for him now. Knowing, she'd seen how Ivy responded to the fellow by the picnic area while at Adventureland. Will was getting them lunch at the time, and Valentina came out of the restroom, about to go over and say something to Ivy. Of course, that would not have been easy since Ivy treated her so cold.

Why did Valentina even care what happened to Ivy and Will?

"They're gonna break up." Gabby had informed them on the drive back home after their weekend at Adventureland. Valentina had ridden back with Gabby and her boyfriend, as well as Ollie. She'd been half asleep during the ride, but she'd heard what Gabby said.

Now, it kept her up at night. It didn't help matters to be dreaming about two Ollies fussing with her about how she should tell Will what she saw while the other Ollie told her to not say a word. It was best not to get involved.

If only she could be indifferent like Gabby, Valentina thought. Still, she knew in her heart that Will needed to know Ivy might not be as honest with him as he might think.

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