Friday, July 13, 2018

all that we could do with this emotion

"How could you! Why would you!" Gabby found herself saying, even if all this time she'd hoped Ivy would break up with Will. Yes, it was true, Gabby couldn't stand seeing them together. But Ivy was with this guy Brian that she'd met at Adventureland.

Gabby didn't care if she hung out with Bree and her new boyfriend. They could go back to that Art School and stay, as far as Gabby was concerned. Perhaps, she hated Bree all along.

Ivy was in a pout. At least, Brian let them speak alone in Gabby's car.

"I know you don't like me," Ivy mumbled over tears. "You, you still want Will."

"I want him to be happy." Gabby clarified as she gripped the stirring wheel of her old Forester. "I knew you wouldn't make him happy. I knew it was too good to be true." In her heart, she wanted him to find someone who would cheer him on, appreciate him. Someone, who would be happy just by the mention of his name. Now Ivy was cozy with this out-towner. "What? He's good in bed or something?" She snarled, thinking Ivy had a lover, not a boyfriend.

Ivy kept quiet and looked away. " mother doesn't know."

She told Gabby her parents were separated Ivy didn't have a perfect family, after all.

Gabby sighed. She didn't know what to say. She couldn't imagine, keeping a guy from her mother, especially if he was staying in the house. She winced, remembering she'd almost done that with Ste. "I bet you like it, like this. Keeping secrets." Gabby used to believe this, but there was so much stress involved. It could make one sick.

Gabby was certain Ivy was hoping Will would get angry and get in a fight with Brian.

"But, whose side would you be on, if that did happen?" Gabby wanted to know.

Ivy swelled a frown. Gabby guessed she knew the answer to that. Ivy was still with Brian.

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