Saturday, July 14, 2018

Won't make excuses for anything I'm doing wrong

Ivy didn't know life could be so cruel. Of course, she was part of that process. It was a little too late to console her mom about her Dad leaving. After all, her mother was never one to talk about her own marriage. Perhaps, that's why she'd hid Brian as long as she had. They just didn't talk about such matters in her family.

She remembered the night Will came over to the house as if he were there to protect her from Ollie. That seemed so childish now.

Being with Brian was like throwing her lifeline to someone. He needed her and she needed him.

Of course, when she told her mom the news, her mother almost collapsed. Ivy didn't know who else to call, but Joon.

So here she was once again, explaining how she was with Brian now.

"If..if you want us to leave, we will." She was ready to escape. Although, she didn't know where she would go and by the look on Joon's face, she doubted he would be any help.

Her mother looked as if she'd given up already. After all, her dad sent divorce papers.

Ivy wasn't quite sure what she could really do. Other, than to stay put. If Brian went, she would go. She was firm on this as if she had faith in him and yet it felt so invisible.

Maybe, if there had been more screaming and yelling, it would have been better, she thought later. As if was, her mother looked ill. Perhaps, she was on a brink of a heart attack. Joon almost took her to the emergency room. Of course, her mother wouldn't hear of it.

"She's taken on a lot, the past few months." Joon reminded Ivy. Somehow, they would suffice.

"I don't mean to make things worse." When Ivy said it, she wondered if it were really true. Maybe, she was more like her father than she knew.

All the while Brian was so quiet. Naturally, her mother wouldn't look at him. It was as if Ivy would be paying for what she wanted after all. And it hurt to know her mother would never look at her as that promising daughter she'd hoped for all these years.

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