Tuesday, July 3, 2018

It's like this

"You are in over your head." Omaha couldn't help but smirk when Ed told him about Betty and their unwanted guest. Funny, how Betty's man was becoming his best friend. Taylor was too busy with work and with his son.

"It doesn't matter." Ed shrugged. "Can't think anywhere else I'd rather be."

They'd hung out a good part of the afternoon buying ribs to smoke and a brisket too. It seemed everyone was coming to this party of his. Except, Taylor, of course.

But Mini and her bunch would be there, it felt a bit like family. Of course, Sheena invited Kevin and Xander's family. He knew he could make enough to feed everybody. There would be a pot of beans and Betty said she'd make the potato salad.

"So I guess you must really love her." Omaha nodded, remembering she'd always been alone. Sure she talked up a storm when she was with the fellow or that police officer. "I always thought she had a thing for men in uniform." He couldn't help but try to hold in a laugh. "But you better be good to her." He looked Ed in the eye.

"Well, you do the same," Ed told him he better do whatever Sheen asked of him.

Omaha sighed. "We, I think she's thinking of September to get married. I want to do it August." Of course, he wanted to go to the beach and get married in his swimming trunks. "But she's not happy about that." He shrugged. "I don't know if I'd go for a church, either. Maybe, we'll get married in Betty's backyard." He grinned. He guessed Ed didn't know that Betty was certified to perform weddings.

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