Thursday, December 1, 2022

It's just a plan

 Cade thought something was wrong with Mercer. He fell asleep on him while they were out at a matinee on Black Friday. Of course, neither was going to go shopping.

"Are you sure your meds are OK, for you?" Cade had to ask when the movie was over.

"Well yeah." Mercer thought so. He said he was probably eating all the wrong things since Thanksgiving. After all, a lot of fudge and pumpkin sweets were left over.

"Then stop it," Cade said he would stop eating sweets til Christmas.

"Don't people do that for Easter?" Mercer winced as if Cade had it all wrong.

"No, the both of us. We are going eat healthy. No fast food."

"No fast food?" Mercer gave him a HOW COULD YOU look. He sighed. "Fine."

"Why are you so sleepy? Aren't you sleeping at night?" Cade asked a little later as he was driving them home. After all, he had his driver's license now. Except he had to share his mom's old car with his brother so it wasn't exactly the perfect plan, but he was dealing. 

"I dunno. Maybe." Mercer said he started the night out good. "Then, then I wake up thinking about Brooklyn."

"Brooklyn?" Cade almost slammed on the break but he knew he had to keep up with the traffic on the interstate. "But why?"

"I dunno. I called her during Thanksgiving. I even texted her too." Mercer looked sad about it. She didn't respond. "Am I that awful?"

"Quit worrying about her." Cade told him he had nothing to feel guilty about. "She'll come around someday." He told Mercer she had a lot of growing up to do. Maybe she wasn't nearly as perfect as he'd always thought. "Quit making it about you. She's got choices."

"I guess." Mercer shrugged, but he made it sound like it was their fault that Brooklyn was with that guy Trent.


  1. i also had my driving licence but i drive not often...

  2. Genial fragmento Me dio penita. Te mando un beso.

  3. You wrote a beautiful chapter.
    I wish you nice weekend.

  4. "No fast food?" That would have been my reaction too. Although I should know better than to eat it as much as I do... :)

    Mercer worrying about brooklyn. Hmm...

  5. I loved the chapter

  6. Oh, boy. Mercer worrying about Brooklyn reminds me of that saying about not setting yourself on fire to keep others warm. Not that Brooklyn doesn't have issues. But Mercer's taking too much responsibility for them. He has a lot going on himself, what with his meds and his relationship with Cade. And Cade seems to care a lot about him -- even if he is depriving him of dessert! 🚫🍪🍫🥧🧁🍮🍧🍬🍭