Thursday, April 24, 2008


"You know I was thinking maybe we should move to the next level," Kyle said once they got to the abandoned house.

"Next level?" Sounded like he was talking about a video game, not them.

"You up for something like that?" He stared at her waiting. But the lump in her throat would not let her speak.

He pulled her along. They went in the back door. The house was completely trashed. She felt a little nausea. Might have been the dust and the mold. The place was quite sad as she looked around. Suddenly, she felt cold too as her skin pricked into goosebumps.

"I think I have to go pee." She then said.

"There's a bathroom." He told her. "You'll just have to hold your nose if you want to use it."

Ellie cringed at the thought, but she had to go. She was going to go even if it creeped her out in the shadows. She took a deep breath, held her nose and used the toilet quickly. Wiggled slight hoping that would help when she was done. Then she looked down in the toilet and noticed a dead mouse in the blackness. She jumped back with a gasp and zipped her jeans, but they wouldn't button.

She pulled down her hoodie and came out of the bathroom.

"You all right?"

"Absolutely." Possibly a bit shaky though, she thought to herself.

"This was totally, not what I expecting today." He told her as his hands slid around her back under her shirt. He pulled her closely next to him.

"Me, either." Ellie kept thinking she should have said, no, ten minutes ago when she could have, but she didn't. "Whats the next level?"

"You don't know."


He didn't give her an answer but drew in a kiss instead that didn't let go until a minute or so later. It felt like she was sinking in deep in to something. His fingers were in her face and her hair, under her shirt, pushing the point where she couldn't hold him up much longer.

They fell together into a big puff of dust on the old ripped couch. She went first and he was on top. They both coughed then. It would have been a ruined moment for anyone but Kyle.

He rubbed the dust off her cheek, and she thought he might keep his finger there, but he didn't. He seemed much more relaxed to have his hand on her belly. He unzipped her pants. She grabbed his hand back up.

"I thought you wanted to go to the next level?" He murmured.

"I do." She wanted to ask him just what level he'd jumped too and what level he'd left on with Kelsy, but she didn't.

She reached up and kissed him, closed her eyes. Somehow she's see this through. But how could she? Her eyes were closed. She breathed in, hoping a mouse didn't crawl in her hair or some other creature.

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The Bleeding Rose said...

Kyle is certainly full of surprises, isn't he? LOL.

Good stuff. Keep writing.