Friday, February 27, 2009


Elliot is out high school. He's in college. He's an art major. Ellie wishes she didn't like any of these things about him. She had done her best to stay true to Eric. After all, he was her first boyfriend. And seriously, she wanted to be different from her sister, or her mother. She wanted her first boyfriend to be forever, but then she met Elliot and without even knowing, he changed all of that.

He used to date Eric's sister Dora when they started college together. He was very upset on New Years when Eric told him that Dora's a lesbian.

Ellie met him where she worked. They work together. She knew he's the guy magnet with the girls. Still, she's come to trust him even if she didn't want too. She keeps telling herself that its wrong to date someone that she works with. Also he might be too old for her. And she still has feelings for Eric.

The broke up just after her fiasco at prom. He possibly took it harder than Ellie thought. He became friends with Amanda.And in the process she split from Kyle. Now he and Amanda are married. He teaches elementary school.

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