Monday, August 10, 2009

awkward moment

There were a lot of things Nick wasn't clear on. Like where to go on campus for the big orientation that was coming up. It was for Freshman only. He had a map that he couldn't make heads nor tails of. He'd finally dragged it out of his box of stuff from the University stuff. Really, he wasn't eager to jump into any of this stuff. But his Mom kept questioning him. So now he thought he should look through it to get an idea of what he was supposed to do.

He felt so numb of anything these days. It was as if the world he knew was no more and as long as he could play one of his video games...he could survive another day. But at the moment, it was a good excuse to find Roger and see if he could help him with getting the ground work done.

He went upstairs to see if Roger was in the kitchen. He wasn't. Naturally, it perturbed him that Roger might not be up. Of course, Roger was perturbed with him that he hadn't come to see Reefer Madness , either. Anyway, Nick sprinted up the stairs hoping he'd catch Roger before he went off somewhere.

Nick noticed Roger's bedroom door was half opened. He started to tap but the door moved farther open instead. And Nick found himself just staring. There was Olivia.

It was quite unusual. He was in a bit of shock to see her at her laptop with...nothing on. He blinked. Did he see what he thought he saw? Was she wearing nothing? There had to be something? pastel purple bikinis. Yeap, that was it. Nick shut his eyes tight. Pulled the door to where it was. But he could still see her vividly, topless.

Nick walked backwards as quietly as he could. He went straight to his room, tossed the map on his bed and got in his computer chair, thinking he had to find a PC game to get on fast. But he could still see her. Her pale flesh. Such perfect skin. It was like an out of body experience for him. He felt he was still in the room with her. He blinked trying to think of other things. Other people.

Then a tap came to his door. It was Roger.

"Hey, you want some breakfast?" He was just in his briefs. Maybe Olivia ate breakfast with out her top on. Nick just stared at Roger, picturing Olivia eating pancakes, half nude.

"No," Nick shook his head. "I'm not hungry. Really, I'm not hungry, at all."


Sharon Rose said...

Haha, will Nick be shocked to know about Roger and Olivia?

Cait said...

That definitely would be uncomfortable for Nick. That was funny.

simon n josh said...

aw, Nick is a good guy. That must have been startling.

the oaks said...

Oh, Nick. I wonder what this might mean since he's seen her now?

taffy. said...

haha, nick. at least now he has something else to think about?

Meg said...

Ahh! That would be so awkward!

Katie [The BleuTrumpet] said...

Well that was quite interesting. And it probably would give him a heck of a lot to think about.