Thursday, August 13, 2009

dinner time

The least Lon thought he could do was to make supper. He bought food from the grocery store. He had chopped up plenty for salsa. He was making enchiladas.

"I really can't find a good enchilada up here, anywhere." He told Elliot. Of course, he wasn't sure Elliot even wanted to talk to him. He was in a pissed off mood, Lon thought. But he wasn't going to let it bother him. Lon did love Mexican food. He was making steak fajitas too.

Perhaps, it wasn't exactly what he had in mind for a day off. Next time, Ellie promised they'd go to the zoo. She even offered Amanda that they could take Rosie.

Of course, there was so much talk where Amanda would move. There was her brother. She said Kyle would hate that idea because he didn't like her brother's boyfriend.

"You've got weeks to decide this." Ellie was already into the guacamole. Lon thought she must have been eating just so she wouldn't have to talk.

"And where are you living now?" Lon felt the need to know what Elliot was doing.

"I have my own house," he said all matter of fact.

"Man, that must be nice." Lon was impressed, perhaps envies, but not really. "Is it easy to keep up? You know, its not one of those fixer uppers?"

"Its not that new," he shrugged. "But its close to where I teach."

"How's that going?" Lon kept the questions coming as he cooked.

"Its my first teaching assignment, I don't really know, yet." Elliot looked a little nervous just talking about it.

Lon was ever so grateful when Ellie's parents got home.

"I hope I'm not making a mess here." He said first thing to Kyle's Mom. They shook hands. He promised he'd clean up. She was just happy that she didn't have to cook dinner. Finally, Ellie's father arrived.

He actually looked younger than Lon expected. It was all friendly.

Kyle's Mom talked to Amanda about Rosie while Ellie told her Dad all about Lon. Not much was said about their living situation. Her dad was happy to see a home cooked meal, and he liked it.


the oaks said...

That was sweet of him. I'm glad he kept talking to Elliot.

Anonymous said...

Well that's good that he liked it. So Elliot has a house hmmm.

About Demi's cd. Instead of writing a really long comment I will just review it on my normal blog. It's funny because I also reviewed her first cd on there. But if you don't want a track by track picking apart. I would say it was worth the ten dollars I got it for at Wal-mart:)

ellie said...

I like the price. That's cool.

maxxie n tony said...

Sounds like Lon should go to cooking school. hahahaaa..

Raigan said...

Goodness i just cannot wait to see how this all unfolds!!! I get so excited to read it everyday and it always brings a smile to my face, so thank you for that :)

You're so right about having to go through a bad relationship and how sometimes you just get in a rut, deifnietly been there and done that.

Nebraska? haha you're our enemy in football!!! I may just have to disown you :)

hehe just kidding


Winnie said...

Aw a home cooked meal how sweet. My best friend always makes enchiladas...easy and yummy!

Meg said...

Mmmm, now I have a craving for fajitas!

Jared said...

This made me hungry. Very sweet of him, can't wait for it to unfold. I'm happy he liked it too.

Who is the person that is under Roger? I don't recognize him, figured I should just ask.

So, the foundation is down, the mock-ups are done, as stated in paragraph one.