Monday, August 3, 2009

finding the cheese

"What goes around comes around," Roger almost sang as he made Kyle a cheese grilled sandwich.

Ellie was with Rosie. She and Olivia were figuring out a bed for the baby.

"What are you even going on about?" Kyle kept his arms crossed, waiting for the sandwich.

"You know, you were with Kelsey first." Roger looked at Kyle's sullen face.

"That doesn't help, Roger." Kyle said so coldly.

"Yes, it does. She remembers. She's there for you, man." Roger served him up the sandwich.

"Its different now. It just is." Kyle squinted looking at the gooey mess.

"You'll get through this." Roger nodded.

Kyle nodded. "So you're with-"

"Olivia," Roger said. "I'm with Olivia." Roger was serious.

"Are you sure that's a good idea?" Kyle asked the question everyone had been pussyfooting around.

"Totally." Roger shrugged. "I love her. I care about her. She's great."

"Have you been brain washed? Aren't these things you used to say about Cory. I thought you were going to be his wife, or something." Kyle reminded him.

"Well, things can change." Roger looked at him point blank. "They can change, all right." He went to clean up the skillet then.

"If you say so." Kyle started to eat the warm sandwich then.

"If I can be with Olivia and be happy, who's to say you can't be as happy with Kelsey?" Roger then offered.

Kyle might have smiled. Roger couldn't tell.


Raigan said...

"i thought you were going to be his wife or something!"

haha i love you kyle

I also hope the best for him, especially with the baby and all....
is ellie pregnant?
sorry i'm just like soooo behind

thanks for your sweet comments i love em!!


Anonymous said...

Haha Kyle always does seem to crack me up. It looks like he's hiding something though.

simon n josh said...

I hope Kyle can find happiness.

Cait said...

I hope Roger means these things he says about Olivia. I think he does.

taffy. said...

where exactly has cory been lately?

e.l. said...

where is cory..actually home for the summer working at Ruby Tuesdays, Ellie & Kelsey saw him there.