Thursday, January 21, 2010

Mr. & Mrs.

"Well, its her loss," Lon said to Ellie after their little trip to the justice of the peace. He was well aware of it now. How her mother really felt about him.

They'd had quite a bit of showing of support. Her Dad was there along with a few of his friends from work and Roger and Olivia. No one had to even be there, but they'd made an effort, all in white on a snowy day, and they went back to Roger's afterwards for a little party.

It wasn't a big venture for anyone. Except, Olivia had a wonderful table of treats, she and Roger got at the bakery and deli where Roger worked.

"I'm sorry." Ellie sighed as if they'd done something awful.

"You have to stop apologizing for her." He just smiled and wanted her to be as happy as he was. "Nothing is going to please that woman."

"I just wish I knew why she was that way." Ellie winced.

"She probably doesn't even know, but lets not worry about her, OK. We did it." He smiled. "We're married. You are Mrs. Ellie Love." He just couldn't keep his hands off her. It was an amazing feeling that she'd taken his name. He didn't want to have any bad feelings now. He was definitely ready to be her husband, and if that bored anyone. He didn't care. He was definitely ready for the undertaking. And it was beautiful and very much an adventure being with Ellie.


the oaks said...

sweet =D

newt and lauren said...

cool. this'll be an adventure.

SR@MyStyle said...

Congratulations to them both, fabulous news!!

past the point said...

cool happenings.