Tuesday, February 23, 2010

so over

"Well, that didn't go, so bad." Syd smiled after she got off her cell with Kip. She didn't know why she was so afraid to talk to him. Really.

She sighed with relief as she fell back on the futon, and things were cozy once again with Eric. They kissed. Naturally, things evolved and they made love. Before she knew it he was getting ready for work.

"Look, I don't want you be alone." Eric said after he showered.

"But I have Belle." She would be fine. Everything was fine.

"I know. But still. I'd feel better if you know, you went to Roger's." Eric shrugged as she watched him just in his towel.

"Roger and Olivia?" She remembered them.

"Yeah, she made dinner. She said she wanted to talk to you about thrifting. I guess." Eric shrugged. He went to get dressed.

"If I must." She put her arms around him from behind and leaned against his shoulder blade and kissed his back.

Things were fine. It was all going to be so normal now. He'd see. The worst was over. They were  having the honeymoon with out getting married. And maybe after the baby was born, they'd get married. She still thought it would definitely be cheaper if they didn't get married. They couldn't afford that right now.

"What did he say, exactly?" Eric wanted to know now, but not before with Kip. Not before when they were busy just being together.

"Who cares," Syd smiled. "Who cares. He's just fine."

"Are you sure?" Eric turned then and hugged her close. He still needed to get his shirt, pants and sweater on.

"Yes." She looked up at him. They kissed as if it could start all over, and he'd be late for work. But he managed to get dressed. She supposed she'd have to find something presentable enough to have dinner in. She couldn't just walk around with his sweater on and nothing else.


the oaks said...

I'm glad they are happy...but, I dunno what Kip's gonna do.

another skin said...

good, they are seeing Olivia and Roger.

Cafe Fashionista said...

I'm surprised Syd is being so nonchalant about Kip - almost heartless. I know she's caught up in her own stuff right now, but still... :/

elliestories said...

Well, I guess she doesn't feel guilty anymore. Maybe she should.

Robyn said...

haha Hurray! Earthsea >< I'm so glad you knew that :D
It's an awesome series, and my friend brought me the first one for Christmas.

Is the 'warrior' series anything like Redwall?


Holly said...

Well..too bad she doesn't have an inkling what's happening to Kip.

Meg said...

She seems pretty cold toward Kip. But happy with Eric.

Winnie said...

Seems like there are some big problems under the surface that will appear in no time!