Saturday, April 3, 2010

don't bring me down

You got me running going out of my mind
You got me thinking me that I'm wasting my time

Don't bring me down
No, no, no, no, no, ooh ooh
I'll tell you once more before I get off the floor
Don't bring me down-electric light orchestra

Olivia was thinking back on her moment with Ravi in the laundry room, from a couple of days ago.
It felt good to do what Olivia wanted to do. Not something she had to do. And Ravi kissed Olivia back, better than she ever imagined. It made her laugh inside. This was really happening.  But then Ravi backed away, looked her straight in the eye.

"Don't you do this me." He wasn't quite that happy, as he sucked in a breath.

Olivia felt she'd have to eat her words or something. She didn't know what to do. She felt frozen as she stared back at him.

He glared at her, shaking his head. "I don't want just a little bit of you, you know that, don't you?" He looked around. "Moments in the laundry room."

Olivia bit her bottom lip.

"You either, finish it with Roger or we're finished." He informed her. "I don't want-"

"OK. I will. I'm going to." She nodded.

"Are you sure, you want to do that. Cause, you are so - stuck with him- you said so, thats what you told me. You said you had to be together because, you know," He didn't want to get into it. She could see he didn't want to talk about her sex life with Roger.

"I can't get back with him." She sighed. "I haven't slept with him or anything. OK, yeah, it was just sleep, but you know." She winced.

"Yeah," Ravi scowled. "You're good at that, aren't you? Just sleeping with friends."

Olivia pressed her lips tight. Then licked her dry lips. She thought of how he backed away. Olivia chewed at her thumb nail. It would be impossible, but she had to show Ravi that he was important to her.


FashionJazz said...

Happy Easter! xxx

Melissa said...

You're a very good writer (:
Haha, your comment made me smile. Yes, they were eggs! ;D

xx, Melissa

Cafe Fashionista said...

She just needs to make sure that she breaks the news to Roger ASAP, otherwise more than one person is definitely going to get hurt in this situation. :(

meg said...

i hope it works out.

Holly said...

She better decide.

lily said...

definitely, a surprise.