Monday, April 12, 2010

never gonna happen

Ellie's Mom had gotten it all wrong about Lisa and her marriage being on the rocks. Rex felt like a fool being here with Lisa, not that he'd tried over the last few weeks to break her and make her his own, but it hadn't worked. She was more in love with this soldier of hers, than he ever thought possible.

Geo looked so geeky in those heavy black rimmed glasses and almost skin head haircut. She had pictures of him everywhere in her living-room. Rex should have known then that he didn't have a chance with her. But she hadn't turned him away, either. It was as if she wanted to listen to all his problems because he was a grownup, and she definitely wasn't around grownups with those two she had to talk to, constantly. One would be watching TV and the other would be drawing on the walls.

It was kind of funny to see her in Mommy mode. But it got a little sad after awhile. She was growing up, and Rex knew now that he wasn't. He hated the thought of having a full-time job. Settling in to a real life. He felt such a coward now.

"You know, my brother got married." Rex told her. He didn't want to say it was to another guy. Why would two guys want to get married? Still bothered him. It was just ridiculous. No way, did he want to get married.

And then she got the news about her great aunt that she'd only visited once since moving to Texas. She hated going alone, so that was why he was along to help her. Usually, her half-brother Ben helped her a lot, but he'd been going through something himself, as of late. He was now a father himself, and he was staying closer to home so he could help out with the baby.

"You used to want to get married." Lisa reminded him on the drive back. "I hope I haven't ruined it for you." He could barely hear her over a screaming child who did not want to be strapped in the car-seat. Of course, they kept trying to get out of their seats so she sat between them.

Earlier, he'd watched one of them climb up on the roof of the car while waiting to leave. Her mother had had some parting words for her while Rex was trying to make sure the kid didn't hurt himself. Rex couldn't wait to get back to college. This was enough to ward him off from wanting kids for a good long while.

After awhile, in the safety of his own room he had laughed about the whole situation. Perhaps this was what he was suppose to learn from seeing Lisa. The fact that he never wanted a family of his own. Never.


Cafe Fashionista said...

Rex may think that he never wants a family of his own now; but I'm sure that someday, when he meets the right person, he'll change his mind. :)

the oaks said...

I'm glad Lisa is still in love with Geo. Poor Rex. He needs to know about you know who...

Ivyoaks said...

That was funny about Lisa and her kids.

meg said...

cool new header. wow, I wish Rex would more.

past the point said...

hahaha..oh, rex. He's just getting worse.