Friday, April 9, 2010

not like it used to be

Roger wasn't here.

Eric wasn't exactly looking for him, but he saw Olivia coming out of Ravi's room while he was putting some clothes in the dryer.

"Olivia?" He winced.

She just looked at him.

"What's going on?" He wasn't sure why he asked. But he was pretty sure what this meant. She was dressed in her pink flannel bottoms and one of Ravi's tanks.

"Nothing." She acted as if she hadn't meant to bother him.

"You?" He pressed his lips together. He just didn't see it. Not Olivia. No. "You and Ravi?"

"I broke up with Roger." She hugged herself.

"God, you of all people." Honestly, it didn't bug him so much that she'd broke up with him, but the fact she might not be around... that hurt the most. Somehow, it felt safer here when she was around. She was like the house police, he guessed. "I'm sorry. Is? Is Ravi helping you move out?"

"I'm not moving out." She shrugged.

"Oh." Eric was hugging himself now. It was a bit awkward. "And Roger?"

"I guess he'll be back." She sighed. "He was going to stay at Demetri and Cory's for awhile."

"This is just, weird." Eric shrugged.

"Why? Because I broke up with him, or that I'm not suppose to break up with anyone." She looked him in the eye. "They have to break up with me, first."

Eric felt more awkward now. He bit his upper lip, thinking he was the one who had broke up with her so long ago.

"No, its just I thought you know, you two were really happy, and I'd just gotten used to seeing you two together." He didn't know where he was going with this conversation.

"Its OK." She nodded.

"You're sure?" He kept staring at her. "I'm sorry, I never asked you if it was OK, if Syd and I moved in here, and now there's the baby."

"You know, sometimes, things have to happen so you'll grow up." Olivia smiled. "And I think we've both grown some."

She hugged him then. He knew he still loved her. Just not like he used too.


meg said...

I think Eric has grown up a lot, but I'm glad he still cares about Olivia.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Olivia just seems so unfeeling towards Roger. It's kind of surprising. :/

lily said...

Well..I still feel she must have some feelings for Roger..must be hard to sort out. But I'm glad she's OK with Eric & Syd.

another skin said...

Its sort of full circle.