Friday, May 14, 2010

just crazy talk

"This is freaking me out." Roger gave Ravi a goofy grin as he handed over a basket of his boxer briefs. He'd came down to the basement with them. "You let Olivia go somewhere alone with that man?"

"He is her Dad. I think she needs to have some private time with him, you know. Besides they went to see her great Aunt." Ravi looked at him and then the boxers. "What's this?"

"Oh, I'm getting rid of my underwear." Roger shrugged.

"What?" Ravi cracked up.

"Well, you know, its like starting over, sort of. I just want new briefs." Roger bit his bottom lip. "I thought maybe Olivia might use them for something."

"Like what?" Ravi winced.

"They're clean. She'd yell at me if I tossed them, you know. She'll find something for them." He came in with them and looked straight at the bed. All made up and very Olivia. Vintage quilt. Heart shaped pillows. It was definitely not a guy room, anymore.

"Did you hear anymore from-"

"Doyle? Not yet." Roger shrugged. "I'm not counting on it. But I wish he would."

"Maybe you have to make the first move." Ravi kept his arms crossed as if not to touch Roger's boxers.

"I already have." Roger looked at him. "Its his move now. Anyway, you don't think Olivia's dad is going to be hanging around all the time now?"

"Um, no, I think he's leaving tomorrow." Ravi told him.

"I don't think anything will ever be normal, again." Roger shrugged and walked away. Now if he had Doyle with him to help him pick out new briefs.

Roger - Just Can't help it

Ravi - Just a thought


simon and josh said...

That must have been an interesting situation for Ravi.

the oaks said...

needs new undies..huh? made me smile.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Haha! Roger can be crazy sometimes! :)

kirstyb said...

oh ravi x

Fenny said...

sometimes Roger act like crazy people. Tee-hee. Nice story.

so jade said...

Roger does make me laugh.

Jeremy's turn said...

He is interesting..for sure..what a roommate to have.

meg said...

Roger is something.

Sara Lynn said...

lol I love how awkward Ravi is over the boxers, he really is a great character.

Meg said...

Roommate relationships are interesting.