Friday, June 18, 2010

learning a new dance

Well, of course, Rex's mother wanted him to go after Kelsey. She gave him a nudge when he heard the kitchen screen snap shut. So he had to say something. He found her out back by the old tire swing. Of course, when she saw him, she said nothing but gave him a scowl and threw the tire swing as hard as she could at him and walked away.

He caught the tire.

"That's a pretty good swing you got there." He smiled as if she wasn't mad at him at all.

"SHUT UP!" Her teeth gnashed as if she could spit on him if he got any closer. "I don't have anything to say to you!"

"I know. I deserve that." He felt the heat of his anguish coming over him in a sweat. Yes, he knew he was in trouble now. "But look, we can work this out. We can." Of course, these were things his mother had told him to tell her. It was as if she didn't think he could even think for himself. She practically told him he was a man whore and needed be castrated. Something like that. Disgusting was somewhere in one of her tizzies over the phone. "We could get married."

"Are you out of your mind!" She was getting farther away.

"OK. I know." He closed his eyes. "But, but its-"

"What? What they want? Look, Nick was happy when he found out about this. And he-he said I could even live with them if I wanted." She crossed her arms.

"Yeah, that's just it. I don't know if I can handle my brother having anything to do with this. It would be just- I dunno. Wrong." He winced.

"What? You want strangers to raise your kid?" She frowned.

"No. I don't want that, either. I want us to be a family." He shrugged.

"Get real." She turned from him then.

Rex let out a breath.

"Just don't do anything, will you? Just give me a chance." He bit his upper lip. "I'm not going anywhere. I will be there for you. If you let me."

He knew she was crying then. He touched her shoulder. She flinched from him. Rex knew he had his work cutout for him.


ori said...

I do wonder if he has real feelings for her.

Cafe Fashionista said...

I hope Rex is being sincere. :/

ayşegül said...

I want to make Saturday nıght dance wıth hıs mother :D

good weekend! xoxo

lucy and sarah said...

Hopefully, he's a better guy than we think. I hope.

Winnie said...

I think the good guy in Rex needs to make an appearance!

Meg said...

I don't blame Kelsey for being mad at him.

meg said...

He's got to do something great to get this to get better.