Thursday, June 17, 2010

muffins and coffee

                             blueberry coffee cake muffins

Kelsey was finally getting settled into the idea that Nick and Heath were there for her. She could tell she'd stung her parents deep with this situation. They were hardly speaking to her. It felt as if she'd been on an emotional roller coaster of some kind and now she felt a bit numb.

Of course, she knew she'd let down everyone. Including herself. Her mother was frustrated with the fact that she hadn't told her about the baby from the get go. Kelsey thought her Mom was OK about her having a baby, but the issue of trust was her Mom's problem.

Well, she had a bigger issue than her Mom about TRUST. This whole thing with Rex thinking it was going to be something of a future with him..when.. it obviously wasn't. So when he started calling, she wouldn't take his calls. Maybe she was being selfish or juvenile about it. But it was just a little too late.

"Its never too late!" Her mother kept insisting. They had a couple of shouting matches over her predicament and how he needed to know. He needed to take some responsibility.

"Well, he won't. He just won't." Kelsey came to the conclusion. This talk about Rex made her sick. And then to have him show up on their doorstep with his mother. ...well, she guessed she had to talk to him. But she didn't want either of their mothers around. But there they were on a lovely summer morning sitting  around the kitchen table. Coffee and muffins.

Really, she thought it dreadful. She didn't think anything would be accomplished. Yet, her mother was determined they'd be civil. It would be something old fashioned. It just made Kelsey sick that she'd have to sit there and listen to them. She wanted nothing to do with it.

"Its been decided. Nick and Heath want the baby." She couldn't believe she said it out loud. Of course, she wondered what the baby would think if he heard her say it. It wasn't like she was a surrogate of some sort. And yes, it would be kind of strange, maybe, for a little boy to have two Dads.  Not that strange. It would be an open adoption.  Rex didn't have to have anything to do with it. She didn't even want to look at him now. Suddenly, she felt like the turtle who's shell wasn't nearly as tough as she'd expected. She needed to be away from these people before she lost it.


izzy and dev said...

Kelsey is in her own little world. I think.

holly O said...

yummy muffins!

Keith said...

Those muffins look yummy. Your new header is great.

Fenny said...

appears to be true, then once that trust is lost forever will not be trusted.

simon and josh said...

Very tense moment.

ayşegül said...

There is a surprise award for you,
will you visit my blog :D

fan fic said...

Oh, Kelsey, she has to grow up quick. It seems.

Cafe Fashionista said...

At least Nick and Heath would give the baby a good home. :)

Sara Lynn said...

I think Nick and Heath could take care of the baby, but she needs to talk to people, then things wouldn't come as such a shock to everyone. Poor girl :(

Ivania santos By DIAMOND said...

Hi honey!

Humm..delicious post! <3
Great blog!

Flawed Quintessence said...

Thanks for the note!
Anyway, I'm not really anticipating the trip back ... and I'll be in Rembau for another month before the next holiday, I think.