Tuesday, August 17, 2010

in the middle

Ravi was looking at the clock. Hardly an hour left on his shift. His feet were tired. His back too, but still he had plans with Olivia. They were going out. It was time to do something. He felt they were having such a blah summer. All work and no play. It seemed.

He wondered if she thought it was getting boring. He didn't want to think it. In one world, he saw everything just a smile away from something spectacular. Even if it meant garage sale hunts, walks in the dark or just a lazy afternoon in bed. It was all good. It was. But he knew they needed to have more fun, even if it were a concert in the park on campus.

Just then he looked up and saw Bridget standing there with a bunch of gummy bears, goth lipstick and eyeshadows along with neon nail polishes. Yeap, she and Stan were probably getting ready for a big LARP occasion somewhere.

"Can you tell me about that guy?" She looked at him blankly.

"Where?" Ravi looked around as if he was expecting some strange person doing something out of the ordinary.

"No." She looked at him as if he were suppose to read her mind. "That guy who married my sister."

"Really? Liz? Married?" Well, Olivia had told Ravi about Liz and Kip, but he shrugged it off as nothing. It was time to just stop wondering about those two and let it go. It was none of their business as far as Ravi was concerned.

"Yeah, I was sure you knew."

Ravi was beginning to wonder if Bridget was just a little psychic. She piled more cheap thrills for Ravi to ring up. Even the KY assortment that could get pretty costly. He found himself looking at it and wondered what Olivia would think if he brought home a basket of this kind of excitement.

"Well, I don't talk to Liz." Ravi shrugged. This was true. Of course, he thought of her too when he saw the boxes of sex ointments and what not. He guessed it ran in the family. He sighed then thinking it best not to bring home a box. It might make him think of the sisters, he was now labeling Liz and Bridget.

"I know you had a thing for her." She was matter of fact.

Ravi just stared at her. Possibly blushing. He looked to see the line was building behind Bridget. He quickly rang up all her goodies. It was close to a hundred bucks.

She swiped her bank card then.

"You know, I'm gonna have to marry Stan now." She fretted slightly.

Ravi kept quiet, wondering what that was all about.

"What about you and Olivia? You are still with her, aren't you?" She just wouldn't stop looking at him.

"Uh," He cleared his throat. He was a bit defensive about this. "Yes, I-I...why do I have to tell you anything?" He scowled then. She snatched her bags.

There were some people he wanted to forget about, and she was one of them.


Cafe Fashionista said...

Every relationship requires more fun, it seems. :/

lucy and sarah said...

oh Ravi..he shouldn't worry so much with Olivia.

ori said...

She really put him on the spot.

molly said...

relationship just keep evolving with every crisis..I suppose.

E.L. said...

Hopefully, Ravi knows Olivia is so NOT Bridgette.

simon and josh said...

Kind of a funny situation.

Sara Lynn said...

Wow she is a little creepy!