Sunday, September 12, 2010

just a thought

"So how's the sex?" Amanda said out of the blue. Kyle didn't look happy. This couldn't have been about Rosie because they'd decided she should start staying with her more.

"What?" Kyle squinted hard.

"Look, you're not exactly Edward and she's no Bella." She'd finally got around to reading the Twilight series.

Kyle gave her a bit of a scowl.

"Sorry." She guessed she shouldn't have asked. But that had to be the problem. It had to be. "You know, she could be a model or something if she really tried." Amanda went to see about Rosie then who had ran off to her room. It was quiet so Rosie had to be up to something, but she was just playing with her dollhouse.

"I really wish you guys lived in town. Really." That would be the real solution. "Wouldn't it be great if we lived all together?"

"Just what world are you living in now, Amanda?" Kyle hugged himself.

"We could all possibly do it for Rosie. Plus, you two can't live in at shack, forever." She informed him. Naturally, Kyle gave her a heavy sigh. She suddenly felt the urge to hug him, and she did.

"Stop!" He didn't want her hugs. She should have known that. He was only civil to her because she was Rosie's mother.

"I know what you need." She went to get him some coffee then.

"This should be good." He watched her pour the coffee and fix it up the way she knew he liked it. "I don't take sugar, anymore." He quickly informed her.

"OK." She sighed. "Look, you two need to go somewhere together. Just a trip. Somewhere. Nice. And see if its really going to happen. It will. And if it doesn't, then- you know. Just say its over. OK?"

"I can't do that." He took the creamed coffee then.

"Well, stop blaming yourself about everything, and blame me." She shrugged.

He almost smiled. He had a nice one. Otherwise, he came off pretty arrogant, she thought.


lucy and sarah said...

Amanda is unique. I liked that last part ..written about his smile..otherwise he'd come off arrogant..makes me think of someone I know.

a jacob black tale said...

Wow, her perspective kind of made me laugh, and yet, she might really know more than she actually knows.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Amanda is an interesting character - I like her! :)

the oaks said...

They are still family...with Rosie.

ori said...

You can tell Amanda envies Amber..but is it the way she looks..or the fact she's with Kyle?

meg said...

oh, amanda is sure to help.hahahah.