Sunday, September 19, 2010

one step at a time

Ian knew why Amy had called him. She'd just felt sorry for him. That's all this was. He knew it. He did. He could very well contend with that. He'd also noticed Cami,his ex-girlfriend, made varsity cheerleader. She was moving up in the ladder of success, around here. Everyone was moving on, except him.

But he was there for Eric and Syd. He could see how giddy Eric's mother was and then with the arrival of Syd's Mom.... it was like a grand-baby fest and the baby hadn't even arrived yet. So he'd taken over duties to be with baby Evan. He'd hoped that meant he could stay at home with him, but instead it meant holding him through everything.

He guessed that's why Amanda gravitated toward him. As it was Eric didn't want Amanda to have anything to do with Evan today. It was one less worry, he said. And he knew Eric wasn't counting on Amanda for anything. But there she was as if she couldn't help herself.

"I could bring you a plate a food." She acted as if they might be a couple, now, at the brunch.

"I'm really not hungry." Ian festered up a smile. He was doing good to choke down a Pop Tart these days. Nothing was there he hungered for. He felt ill and sometimes forgot when it was time to eat, lately.

"What? You just think I'm going to runaway with him, is that it?" She snapped. She was Evan's mother, after all.

"No, of course not." Ian winced, but he could see Eric was eying them. He held on to Evan who he had sitting up forward so he could see everything going on. Naturally, he was kicking and pushing at what he could. He'd really been so good during the ceremony. Now he really wanted to be down on the floor so he could scoot around. He held Evan close to Amanda so she could at least touch his fingers and feet. But it was unbearable to watch. Ian handed over Evan to her. Of course, once he got in her arms, Evan got fussy.

This of course, gave way to a devastating look to Amanda who gave him back quickly before there was a scene. She went to the kitchen and Ian followed her.

"He just wanted down." Ian promised. "Come on, lets see if he has a wet nappy, perhaps." They went up the stairs then. He put him down on the changing table. "You do it."

"You just want me to do the bad parts while you get all the fun stuff." She swelled a frown. Ian almost rolled his eyes, but went to change him then. He'd been under strict instruction all week of the duties of a nappy change. Soon enough, Evan's legs were free and he had his toes in his mouth before Ian could stop him.

"So where are Syd and Eric going?" Amanda wanted to know.

"Probably to the hospital." Ian shrugged. He was sure there wasn't a honeymoon planned. Eric was doing good to get today off.

"I hope she has a C-section." Amanda hugged herself as she watched Evan just in his pamper now. Ian put him in his crib. Ian thought maybe Amanda was wishing it on Syd as if were a bit evil, to think it.

"Really?" It was all kind of gross, he thought. Ian really didn't want to be discussing babies being born.

"It'll just be easier. Trust me." She sounded as if she was looking out for Syd now. She touched Evan's forehead then and tickled his soft belly. The baby smiled at her and kicked at her. Ian watched as Amanda let Evan's hands grasp her fingers to pull himself up. He immediately stood up with her help. Before Ian knew it, Evan was jumping. Ian's eyes widen. He had no idea he was that strong.


lucy and sarah said...

I liked this scene. Her feelings about the baby. Ian and how he's having to still be in such grief, but still there for his brother's baby..babysitting. All this going on at the brunch, that I'm sure no one noticed. But they might have.

Em [the writer] said...

Did you know you always make the coolest headers? Sorry, just wanted to throw that out somewhere, but good post! Everyone's growing up.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Not the best place for such an intense conversation; but it had to happen! :/

ivy's closet said...

Aw, I'm glad Amanda got to be around Evan. I'm glad Ian is..well, a really sweet Ian.

ori said...

I'm really glad Ian let Amanda spend time with Evan.

meg said...

I so loved this one.