Tuesday, September 28, 2010

the time has come

Olivia knew it was time. Syd did it. She'd had her baby and Kelsey, too. Probably a million time worse than the whole idea of having lunch with someone who just might be her real mother. But still the whole ordeal made her nervous.

"But I'll be there." Amber told her she wouldn't be alone. "I know she wants to see you."

"What can you tell me about her?" Olivia finally got up the nerve to ask.

"She's pretty emotional." Amber admitted as they got ready to go over to Hilda's for the rest of Amber's things.

Naturally, Olivia wondered what that meant. She'd been raised by someone who believed in keeping everything private and in order. She was to be seen not heard. She almost smiled about the idea of her real mother being just the opposite of her adoptive mother. Perhaps, it was the idea that she'd kept this moment of hers from her adoptive mother. There was a little guilt, but now was the time to get this done. After all, she'd met her father and that worked out fine. He called her every Sunday evening. Again it was something her adoptive father would never do. He'd never call on a Sunday unless it was absolute emergency. Of course, she was getting the feeling she wasn't important to them at all. Maybe it was time to see what she'd been missing.

So Amber drove which was a relief to Olivia. Traffic was the last thing she wanted to worry about. Of course, there really wasn't any traffic to worry about. They were there in a few minutes. Olivia took a deep breath. She was ready to meet Hilda and hear all her worries about that foreigner she lived with. It would never be perfect. Her life. Her family. It was time to stop thinking it could be.

And there her mother was. Only Hilda wouldn't say that was her mother.

"She's a neighbor." Hilda looked all innocent.

Amber just looked at Hilda and shook her head.

"She's pulling this game, again." Amber took Olivia, aside. Olivia just winced. Was her great Aunt a little off or was she trying to pull one over on them? Olivia hugged herself, thinking she was grateful to have Ravi in her life. She was thankful she hadn't gone by all the rules or she might be a loon like Hilda.

"This is Sophia." Amber turned Olivia toward her. "Sophia has been wanting to meet Olivia for weeks now, haven't you?"

The red-haired woman stared at Olivia. Then she reached for her. Olivia wasn't sure she could carry her weight, but she'd try.


She is Sara said...

What an overwhelming experiance, I hope it ends on a less awkward note :/

Cafe Fashionista said...

I hope things work out. :/

lucy and sarah said...

Wow, really must be crazy for her.

ori said...

Definitely a defining moment.

DFF said...

wow, it must be kind of scary.

jeremy's turn said...

I hope Olivia likes her.

cass and cady said...

Hope all will go fine.

meg said...

I feel happy and sad for her.