Saturday, November 6, 2010

a vicious circle

"Look, they have a father. They very well, have someone capable of taking care of them." Lon stressed. No way in hell were they taking Lisa's kids right now. It was just unacceptable. "You only have a few weeks to go, yourself, before the baby gets here. We can't. We just can't, Ellie." He had to talk some sense into her.

"I think she was on her way out of town to leave Geo." Ellie told him as she cut potatoes for stew in the kitchen.

"What?" Lon slightly scowled. "Is that what she said?"

"I get the impression from Geo, that they've split up." Ellie shrugged.

"Well, her kids are not our responsibility." He hoped she wasn't angry about this. He went on to cut up carrots for the stew.

"You may have to tell my Mom. She thinks we should just take the kids." Ellie finally looked up at him.

Lon slightly smiled. "So I'm the big meanie? Is that it?" It was a relief to know that she didn't want to take her sister's kids.

"She says she's just not able to do it." Ellie told him.

"What makes her think our place is big enough for those brats? Doesn't Geo get a say in any of this? They are his kids?" Lon winced. He just didn't get it. Give her mother an inch and she took a mile.

"I guess. But he's been by Lisa's side since, you know, it happened." Ellie nodded with a shrug.

"Well, maybe an accident can bring them closer together." Lon shrugged back. Ellie had told him that Geo moved out last week after she'd laid down the law to him about not finding a job. Lon hoped Geo grew up soon. He didn't really know the guy and had doubts he ever would.


Krystal said...

Yeahhhh, It will be interesting to see if they take thekids!

lucy and sarah said...

I am so glad Lon has said his peace. Really, their father has to decide on these matters.

Em [the writer] said...

So I see you're getting farther in your novel.

Also did you change who Lon is? I like his lines in this one.

Pearl Westwood said...


simon and josh said...

Well, I think Lon and Ellie have their hands full, already.

meg said...

It wouldn't be easy to decide.