Friday, December 17, 2010

how can it be so

Dog walking was just as bad as cleaning up after cats in the winter, thought Derrick. Why wasn't he sick by now? He slipped and slid with Orval, a huge boxer, on the side walk. Honestly, this kind of business was hazardous to his health, but he thought he'd make his way to Ian's and figure out... what did he have in mind for this 'date' with the girls. He wrestled the dog up the stairs. He wasn't sure what was worse with Orval, him under his legs or dragging him down the slick sidewalks. At least it was warm inside. He banged on the apartment door, but no one answered. Derrick turned the door knob. It was open.

Orval jetted in. At least he could get the dog some water. He let the dog drink and went to see if Ian might be in his room. He tapped on the door lightly. Nothing. He took a peak in and saw Ian laying in bed.

"Hey." Derrick shook him from sleep. "You sick?" Derrick looked around to see if there was any signs of suicidal tendencies.

"Huh?" Ian looked at him. "What are you doing here?"

"You don't look so great." Derrick winced. He couldn't help but give him a hug.

"I-I guess I am sick." Ian slightly pushed him a way, giving him a grimace. Derrick wanted that to be an unlikely story.

"You don't know, for sure?" Derrick wanted to know.

"I-I told Amy I didn't want to see her. And then..then my friend from back home, called. She's pregnant. I threw up. I dunno if its just me being mental or you know, the bug, going around." Ian told him.

Derrick nodded, he guessed he was sick.

"Glad you broke up, for good this time." Derrick told him, giving him a pat on the back.

Ian rubbed the sleep from his eyes.

"You wanna hang out tonight?" Derrick asked wishing he could touch Ian's hair, but he was sure he'd missed his chance. Would there ever be a moment he could actually show him that he didn't just want to be friends with him?

"I guess so." Ian shrugged.

"Good." Derrick smiled. Just then he heard the jingle of Orval running through the apartment. "That's just Orval." Derrick knew he had to get the dog out of there before he broke something. Like the Christmas tree.


better days said...

hahaha..about Orval. I can imagine him tearing down the Christmas tree while Derrick's with Ian.

lucy and sarah said...

It is quite a funny scene with Derrick. And a clueless Ian.

It's a Girl said...

walking dogs is a lot harder than i thought.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Ian's cluelessness is quite charming. :P

Em [the writer] said...

When I was writing this comment and saw the picture below. I don't know why but that reminds me so much of Nic Hoult in a single man...just younger.

And yeah....I know how dog walking is...a real pain.

lucy and sarah said...

Oh, what a funny thought, that big dog in Ian's apartment and he's sick of what's going on in his life.

She is Sara said...

wow, I hope he gets the courage soon!