Saturday, December 18, 2010

little sidetracks

Olivia made time every week with Sophia. A lot of that time meant being with Hilda too. She'd take them places. Usually, mundane times to the grocery store. Still it was time with her mother ...and her grandmother.

It still pained Olivia that they had to be so secretive. Really, what was the big deal?

Of course, it was quite unusual, how the conversation always came back to her mother. And Olivia would look at them wide eyed wondering just who they were talking about. They meant the one who had raised her.

"She was always a weirdo." Sophia let slip.

Olivia thought she might crack up, but here they were at the mall, Christmas shopping.

"But she's the one, you two let raise me." Olivia got bold enough to put Sophia on the spot.

"Well, she wanted too." Sophia shrugged. She took gum out to chew. She was on a diet and chewed gum constantly. Olivia guessed it was better than smoking cigarettes. "Did she call you? Did you call her, about me?"

"She's in a jungle right now." Olivia hoped to see her adoptive parents, at Christmas. Her real father was hoping she'd fly out to see him in Arizona. It was getting so cold, lately. Olivia thought it would be best to stay put. "That's where she likes to be this time of year." Actually, her adoptive Mom loved helping people.

"And you're all alone." Her mother got all emotional suddenly, grabbing her hand.

"I have you." Olivia wanted to laugh.

"I forgot." It was as if she were channeling a new personality. "Yes, you do." But she didn't cook. She had trouble doing crossword puzzles. Yet, she adored a good game of bingo down at the church, or even better, KINO. Olivia had gotten to experience the adventures of gambling with her Mom. But they only did that once a month.

"What about my sister?" Olivia thought this was the perfect time to ask about her. Even if Penelope was a half sister, she was still a sister, and Olivia had always wanted one.

"Penelope?" Sophia looked at her blankly.

Olivia remained even lipped. She hoped she wasn't talking about a cat now. Suddenly, her mother was side tracked when she saw a woman with a little baby, caramel and dark eyed. She had to go over and peer over the mother's shoulder.

"OH, LOOK. You could have one just like this, if you and Ravi ever decide on one." She spoke of it as if they might order a baby, online. Olivia shook her head. At least her Mom wasn't asking for one for Christmas. Olivia couldn't help but smile. At least, her Mom liked Ravi which was one thing Hilda never wanted to speak of, and neither did her parents.


lucy and sarah said...

Her mother is such a character!

better days said...

I'm glad her mother likes Ravi.

Cafe Fashionista said...

I love her mother!! :)

ivy's closet said...

Her Mom is something. I'm glad they found each other.

molly said...

She is so funny!

It's a Girl said...

I cracked up reading this ahh, good old Sophia (: