Wednesday, January 5, 2011

gathering friction

"He doesn't know." Derrick couldn't help but crack up after Eric left. They were in the bathroom. Ian almost went ballistic when he saw the hickey. "Relax." Derrick had to smile at his handy work. Well, he'd done it with his mouth. But, he was pretty good with hickeys.

"How do you know? He doesn't know?" Ian gave Derrick a serious look.

"He would never think it." Derrick hugged himself. He wasn't going to let himself think that Eric would think it.

"Look, maybe I don't care what he thinks." Ian looked at the mark as if it might be sore now.

"Really?" Derrick didn't believe him for a second. "You know, you care."

Ian swelled a frown.

"Can we just go back where we were... before?" Derrick was his smirky self then, giving Ian the sly look. He didn't mean to make him mad. But they were having a moment, goddamnit. Not even Ian's brother could fuck it up. He kissed Ian then as if he knew exactly what Ian needed. Possibly another hickey.


lucy and sarah said...

How can Derrick be sure???

Cafe Fashionista said...

Maybe they shouldn't care what Eric thinks. :/

better days said...

That Derrick sure is enjoying Ian's company.

simon and josh said...

I gotta wonder what's on Derrick's mind.

meg said...

I so love them together.

It's a Girl said...

I love Derrick (: