Tuesday, January 4, 2011

the gig might be up

Ian and Derrick had had a cheese fight in the kitchen. Spraying canned cheese on each other. It was a laugh. Squirting it in each other mouth. More laughs. Just a great time, being alone. Together.

And somehow, they'd left the mess and empty cans behind and ended up in Derrick's bed. It wasn't like they'd completely passed Go. Or whatever. It was just kissing. It was what one did in the beginning. It just took time, and it was the most fascinating aspect of getting to know each other.

Anyway, what kind of chance would they ever have this happening so quaint, again. Really? They had to take advantage of it. At least Ian believed this and well, it was amazing to get to know that crooked smile of Derrick's. He was really not nearly the monster, everyone believed. Yet, very much a mystery to Ian that he very much enjoyed unlocking. They were close now. Just in their boxers. It was sunny too. Everything was at a slight thaw. And it was so warm. Away from the cold. Ian did like the touching. Sort of like being surround by butterflies. It was a whole new world.

Then the door bell rang.

"Shit." Derrick broke away from Ian's kiss. They both were still. Listening.

"Ian!" It startled him with a shock. A very familiar voice.

"It's my brother." Ian knew. Suddenly, reality set in.

"Hey, just relax." Derrick caught a laugh in his throat.

"God." Ian went to get dressed. Derrick dragged behind.  Finally, Ian got to the front door.

"What's up." He looked at Eric hoping he didn't look too out of it. He hadn't a clue how messy his hair was. He gritted a smile.

"What is wrong with you?" Eric came in. Syd followed.

"What?" Ian was started, but he tried to keep some composure.

"You two are up to no good." Eric kept staring at Ian. He wished he wouldn't. Eric was just too close, but Ian couldn't back away.

"Well, you know." Ian looked behind him. He guessed the kitchen was a mess. Derrick showed up with a video game controller as if Eric and Syd were interrupting their game. "We're just hanging out."

"Really?" Eric took a whiff of Ian and then gave him a serious stare. He took a whiff of Derrick, as well.

"What?" Ian winced. They hadn't been drinking. He hated this. Why couldn't Eric just go away? And leave them alone?

"Where did that come from?" He noticed something on Ian's neck.

"Oh, yeah, about that?" Derrick smirked. "Don't tell anyone, but he's got a new girlfriend." He smiled then. "Ian spent the night with her, actually."

Eric gave Derrick a dangerous glare. "Do you always wear your T-shirts wrong side out?"

Ian gave Derrick a look. At least it was Eric's last question.


Cafe Fashionista said...

Eric is innocently inquisitive if you ask me. :P

lucy and sarah said...

oh..what a brother.

better days said...

I wonder if he know anything, or if he's just trying to be a big brother.

The Blonde Duck said...

I'd love to have a cheese fight.

Pop Champagne said...

ohh brothers :D hope you have a great 2011!