Tuesday, March 29, 2011

like shattered glass

Amanda sat there in the livingroom at Kyle's parents while Ellie explained about Amber.

"Its unbelievable." Amanda shook her head. She'd counted on Amber for so much. True, she might have said a bad thing about her, here and there, but seriously, she loved having Amber around. Especially, with Rosie. It was such a shock. Even more upsetting to think how Kyle felt.

Of course, it burned deep that she'd done something like this to him, too. But it was different. Just different. She didn't want to be tied down to him and a baby, but that was years ago, it seemed and Rosie was growing up.

Maybe Amanda hadn't changed at all, but Amanda thought in her own little world of discovery... that she had. Now, it was this wake up call that Kyle had been through so much more than Amanda wanted to think about. She felt terribly sad now.

"Is he OK?" Amber looked at Ellie. Asa had drove her over, and he was out helping Lon and Ellie's Dad, shoveling snow out of the driveway and sidewalks.

"I dunno. He was mad. I'm pretty sure he wanted to go beat Roger up, but Lon talked to him and Sam went with him, back to the house." She was holding baby Zoe who was asleep. Amanda wanted to give her some motherly advice.. put that baby down or you are going to regret it. But Amanda knew she was the last person anyone would take motherly advice from.

Just then Rosie ran in and plopped herself on Amanda as if to awake her to reality.

"Daddy did something bad!" Rosie was always a tattle-tale.

"Daddy, did nothing bad?" Amanda pulled a strand of curls away from Rosie's big blueberry eyes. She had cookie crumbs on her chin. Amanda didn't even brush them off. She knew they'd be on her sweater soon enough.

"Yes, he did!" Rosie was getting testy. "He made Annie Am go away." She pouted.

"Nope." Amanda shook her head. "You be nice to him. He's been through enough. Daddy had nothing to do with it. She wanted to go away."

But Rosie shook her head, no. "I love Annie Am." She put her head on Amanda's chest.

Amanda knew she was crushed. According, to Rosie, she'd known Amber all her life. When would Mommy see her sister again? When? She kept insisting just as much as Amanda insisted that Amber wasn't her sister. Rosie still believed Amber was.


The Blonde Duck said...


lucy and sarah said...

Its always interesting to how little kids have certain things fixed in their minds. I do feel sad for Rosie.

ivy's closet said...

Amanda is at least on Kyle's side.

molly said...

I think Amanda's mommie skills are improving. Maybe. Its good she sees what she's done in the past. Hopefully, she got through to Rosie.

Cafe Fashionista said...

I'm glad to see that Amanda is learning from her mistakes. :)

better days said...

So many mixed emotions right now. Poor Rosie. Hope she won't stay mad at Kyle.

Holly said...

I feel more sad for Kyle. I wonder what Rosie has said to him.

cady said...

Children come up with the most interesting ideas . . . I like how Amanda handles it, though.