Sunday, March 13, 2011

Not quite a Freaky Friday

Sam was as shocked as anyone else when he found out he got on down at the school where Elliot taught. Granted, Sam was only an assistant to the coach, but still he got little kids in line and pepped up, for sports. It helped that he'd done quite a bit with little leagues of soccer and basketball, over the years.

"Well, well..look at you." Elliot was all smiles about it when he found him helping out in the cafeteria at lunch. Sam was on duty to keep the peace.

Really, Sam wasn't sure what to expect, but he donned the school logo T-Shirt, The Mighty Dolphins, and was in protocol gear, what the other coaches wore, cap and whistle, included.

"Yeah, I mentioned you in the interview." Sam told him.

"Are you sure that was wise?" He was all nerdy. Sam thought Elliot had lost the glasses for good. Evidently not.

"So you said, they needed more men at the school." Sam reminded him.

"That I did." Elliot nodded as he stood closer. "Just watch it, the ladies here tend to be with child. Constantly."

"Good, thing I'm a male." Sam said under his breath. He watched some of the adults around then. They were all far to old to conceive . What was he getting at? He then saw a young woman taking the Pre-school class out of the cafeteria. "What about that one?" He didn't want to point.

"Oh, that one." Elliot looked that way toward the striking dark haired young woman. "She's just a volunteer."


"She's pretty religious. My folks already think she walks on water, but seriously, well..." Elliot shook his head. "You don't want to give her the time day."

Sam just chuckled. That seemed like a challenge, the way Elliot phrased that.


Krystal said...

haha...oh sam.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Elliot's family sounds entertaining. :)

lucy and sarah said...

Hmmmm..I wonder how this will go. Sam and Rachel.

ivy's closet said...

Its like a bromance. Sweet.

better days said...

Aw, its good to see them together.

cady said...

Mighty Dolphins. HAHA.

I wonder what's going to happen with Ms. Religious.

She is Sara said...

lol Sam is funny.