Monday, March 14, 2011

under pressure

Derrick had to tell someone. Even though he'd told Amanda not to breathe a word to anyone about Ian and him. But Josie was there and..and he couldn't help himself, but wanting too. He was waiting on Ian, anyway. They were going to lunch. Code word for something else.

"Don't tell me. you didn't?" She shoved him into the wall, where the lost and found coats were. Really, he had no idea she was that strong. But it was as if she made him feel, horribly weak.

"OK, I won't tell." Derrick thought he might shrivel up in Josie's paws. She was so close. But he was afraid he'd get in trouble if he pushed her off of him. What was it with all these super strong girls around? Or maybe he brought out the worst in some females.

"How was it?" She demanded.

When she put it that way, he didn't want to say. Derrick bit his bottom lip. Since when had she decided to be such a bully, he thought as he winced at her. He knew she was into this reborn virgin thing. It wasn't like he was going to persuade her to take a different path. He respected her. But he was having second thoughts on telling her anything about Ian.

She pulled back, finally. He thought he might drop to the floor.

"You're such a girl." She gave him a dead stare. Derrick hugged himself. He coughed up a phlem ball, but he choked it down. It was funny that she said that because he actually wasn't. But still. He did his best not to smirk.

"'re such a...guy." He didn't know what else to say. He would let her think whatever she wanted about Ian and him.

"You were stupid for doing it." She informed him as she looked him over. Derrick almost smirked thinking she had Ian and him all figured out, but she didn't. She didn't know him at all.

Derrick finally caught Ian's eye and he sighed.

"You really know how to throw down the mojo, don't you?" He walked away from her. A part of him felt whipped. She'd gotten to him. Maybe he was wrong. They were wrong. Maybe it was just sex. But he didn't want to think it that way. It just happened. And he'd been happy about it...until now.

"What did you say?" Ian looked peeved as he stood there in the hallway, as he knew exactly what was going on with Josie.

"Nothing really." He shrugged. "Are you sure we should go back to my place?"

"Why not?" Ian squinted. Derrick hardly sensed that Ian didn't really care what Josie thought.

Derrick looked back at Josie who still had her eye on him. Well, he and Ian had been safe. That had to count for something. He just didn't want to think about what Josie had said. He looked at Ian.

"Yeah, lets get out of here." Derrick nodded. He wouldn't think about Josie.


ivy's closet said...

Funny, how one person can make your day miserable.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Josie has some nerve trying to make them feel so uncomfortable. :/

Krystal said...

she's being kind of a nuisance here!

The Blonde Duck said...

For some reason, this made me realize I wanted rollerblades. No idea why.

meg said...

I dunno what she's up too.

Lux and Stan said...

Josie is being a little too nosy.

lucy and sarah said...

I wouldn't let her stomp out their happiness.

Pearl Westwood said...

What is up with Josie!

cady said...

Wow. The tension there is almost unbearable.