Saturday, March 26, 2011

past a cup of morning coffee

Amber stared at her red rimmed eyes in the bathroom mirror.

It felt different now, being at her parents farmhouse. She was a stranger. It didn't matter how much her mother tried to baby her, she knew she didn't belong here. True, there was the guilt hanging over her. Deceiving Kyle like that. She knew he didn't deserve it.

And to think she thought he'd be the only guy she ever wanted. It was suppose to be like that. Her parents had stuck with it, for decades.

Still, her Dad was giving her the silent treatment. She wasn't sure what she'd expected. He'd be waiting for her with open arms? So cliche, she knew. It wasn't happening in her life.

She brushed her hair more. Finally, she grabbed a ponytail of it at the nap of her neck and grabbed the scissors. She sliced off the tail quickly. A part of her felt numb, but it was a start. Finally, she wrapped her cut hair up with a rubber band and took it to her Mom. She'd know where to send it to at LOCKS FOR LOVE.

"Why on earth would you just cut your hair?" Her mother looked at her, a bit alarmed. They were both in their night gowns. It was late morning. Her mother got her seated at the kitchen and got her sheers out to shape the mess that Amber had made.

"I just felt like it, all right." Amber remained even lipped. Her mother snipped away. Hair fell to the floor.

"You should have told me, if you and Kyle were having trouble," her mother said.

"And do what, Mom? What could you have done?" Amber closed her eyes. Really, her mother would have done nothing. She felt her mother had never done nothing. She never stood up to her Dad about Heath. Yet, here she was fixing Amber's hair.

There was a knock at the front door. Amber almost jumped.

"I'll get it." Her mother said as she put down the sheers. Amber wanted to tell her not to, and she really wished she'd told her mother not to go to the door. Roger was standing there with a black eye.


lucy and sarah said...

wow, what a weird day.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Such a strange way to attempt bonding. :/

Cait said...

Amber is a bad way. Hope she tells Roger to go away.

Em [The Writer] said...

How weird...

So I heard some Nic Hoult news and thought of you but I just forgot what it was XD Oh well I'm sure you already knew anyway :p

Hope you're having a good weekend!

a book of short stories said...

I feel sad for Amber, I think Roger has put her through the ringer.

better days said...

It would be hard to pick up the pieces. She should tell her Mom, everything going on with her life.

Holly said...

Amber is really going through something, here.

E.L. said...

I feel really bad for her.

cady said...

Oh, Amber.

I've occasionally felt the urge to cut all my hair off, but I could never bring myself to actually go through with it.