Friday, April 22, 2011

hitting a nail that won't budge

"Wait a minute." Ravi was trying to wrap his head around what Olivia was really saying. It was about her mother. And the baby. Steve and her mother's baby who wouldn't be born for months from now. "We, we aren't taking that baby."

"Why not?" She was her busy self. She was the waif she always was. They needed a break. Of course, going out for pizza might not have been the real answer. Possibly, a good vacation to the beach was in order. And he could do that this year. They could. In spite of all the mad savings they were doing.

"Because, well..we aren't married yet. And we have to enjoy being married first." Did he have to spell it out to her? They were young. "Why can't they just, you know, take care of it, themselves?"

"My Mom is a little crazy, or have you forgotten?" Olivia winced. They put their order in for the mushroom and sausage pizza. She grabbed her salad bowl and went straight to the salad bar. He followed to the little oasis in the center of the dining area and plopped plenty of greens in his bowl along with tomatoes, broccoli and mushrooms and dunked a massive amount of blue cheese on it. Of course, Olivia, put a little of his on her cucumber salad.

"You can't do this alone. You should tell your sister, she has to help." Ravi looked at her. He didn't feel up for a salad now.

"I have you. We are in this, together." She strained a smile.

"Its just too much to take on. We don't even have our own place. And lord knows, how much longer I can even stand to live with Roger. Its like he's gone viral. What next, huh?" Ravi sighed.

"Stop thinking about Roger. He's the least of our worries." She stabbed a cucumber and bit into it.

"I still don't know why you talked Amber into coming back." Ravi glared at her.

"She has Daddy issues, OK? I think she needs us, you know." Olivia told him.

"How? I mean, she's..she's with Roger." Ravi played with his salad. He'd forgotten croutons. A salad just wasn't a salad without croutons.

"Exactly." Olivia agreed. "We know it won't work. like a learning experience for her. She'll wake up soon enough... that he's always going to be a baby. And..and is that what she really wants? A baby grownup, to take care of?"

"Well, you can't take care of every little stray thing out there." Ravi informed her. What would it take to get Olivia to wake up to this?


The Blonde Duck said...

Totally want pizza now.

lucy and sarah said...

I have a feeling they never think they argue. Its just discussions.

ivy's closet said...

baby grownup..I liked that.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Relationships can be difficult sometimes; but talking it out does help. :)

better days said...

Oh, well, hopefully, they are on the same page.

griffin said...

I hope they won't break up over this.

Emma said...

I really like his name, Ravi. Very unique, but in a good way. :)

Lux and Stan said...

Hopefully, they'll figure it out.