Saturday, April 23, 2011

it could get easier

Doyle hadn't expected to see Olivia at Kyle's with a few boxes of his stuff.

"So what's he like?" She was all bubbly. Obviously, someone had told her about Finn. After all, the dates had been sort of nonstop with Doyle and Finn. They'd checked out the museums together, the small concert halls, even played basketball together a few times.

"Well, he'" Doyle couldn't think of any other way to describe Finn. "He's really got his act together."

Olivia smiled happily and gave him a hug.

"I miss you. I do." She sighed. "I know I'm not suppose to, but..well, you were always there."

"Evidently, not enough." Doyle got brave then. "How's...Roger?" He still felt bad about hitting him. He'd stopped a lot of fights over the years on the playground and during basketball, but he'd never started one. He was glad Roger hadn't called the cops on him. It was just a punch, but Doyle didn't like fighting.  No one had ever made him that mad.

"Quiet. He knows he did wrong." She looked at him. "And Ravi thinks I'm crazy for wanting Amber there, but she's like a sister to me. I wish I could get Kyle to talk to her. I know its too late for that."

"So, she's with him?" Doyle couldn't help to wonder. Amber and Roger were together.

"Yeah." That was all Olivia would say about it. She showed him what she'd brought, along with a load of goodies, like laundry detergent, shaving cream, even fresh white T's and socks.

As he was looking through the candy and hair care products, the door bell rang. It was Finn. Doyle could see Olivia was excited to meet him.

"I'm trying to get him move in with me." Finn told her. "He'd have his own room." Finn smirked. Doyle did like the idea of having his own room.

"Do you think its too soon?" Doyle asked Olivia, who grabbed his hands and shook her head, no.

"You better take him up on his offer." Olivia gave Doyle an endearing look.

"Well, I'm sort of waiting for a transfer, with the hospital." Seriously, he didn't know what he was waiting for. He'd already stayed at Kyle's far too long. After all, Finn loved the great outdoors. They could jam in the basement. He was even playing in the house band at church on Sunday nights these days.

It wasn't long until Finn was loading Doyle's things in the back of his truck.

"Please, keep in touch. Please?" Olivia begged.

Doyle gave her hug. He never imagined being this close to Roger's ex-girlfriend, but after all, he was Roger's ex-boyfriend.


molly said...

Wow, that was fast. But I'm glad he's got a place to go...with Finn.

ivy's closet said...

I'm glad Doyle is moving on. I'd love to have Olivia as a friend or a roommate.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Olivia is such an awesome person! :)

hollyoaks fan fic said...

Great how its working out with Finn for him.

griffin said...

Olivia is a good friend to have.

molly said...

Good for them. Glad he's found Finn.

Lux and Stan said...

Oh good. Love how this is going.

lucy and sarah said...

All righty. Looks like Doyle is gonna have a new chapter now.

Mimi said...

i love the name finn! yay for them! :D

p.s. i have yet to see devon sawa on nikita. haha. ;)

<3, Mimi

C... said...

Are your scenes based on real people?

meg said...

Sweet. Glad he's got Olivia & Finn.

ellie said...

C Thanks for the question. I do draw from those I know, a little. Yet a lot from listening and what a see in my head thats a lot like television.