Sunday, April 24, 2011

if only he knew

Lon listened to Reese go on about her wedding. It would be at the end of next month. He was on his cell in the back yard grilling some burgers. It was nice and sunny, just a chill of winter hung on. He was bundled up a bit, but he was just happy to be cooking, outside. Besides, Ellie had the kids inside working on an Easter egg hunt.

"School will be out by then." He reminded her. He guessed he had time to make arrangements at work for some time off. "I'll make sure Hannah gets there."

"But yall are all coming, aren't you?" She meant Ellie and the baby, Charlie too.

"Well..." He didn't really want to go alone, but he might have to. Seriously, all of them? He knew how Ellie was about traveling. She was a homebody. "I guess." He winced, already thinking what Ellie would say.

"Great, I really do want to see the baby." Reese told him. She seemed more interested in Zoe than Hannah. "I mean, I think if I had a baby now, I'd appreciate her so much more than with Hannah."

"I see." Lon could tell there was some resentment there. He supposed it was all his fault. He got it. She'd had to be a mother too soon. "Is-Is Hannah going to be in the wedding?"

"No. She...Look, she's better off with you. She doesn't like Lance, OK." Reese told him.

"There might be a good reason for that?" Lon was baffled now. But whatever may come, he knew he was going to be on Hannah's side.

"She's just jealous, you know. That's all it is, Lon." Reese told him.

Lon worried that it was more than that, but he couldn't think of anything more to say. He guessed they'd be there for Reese's wedding. One way or another.


Cafe Fashionista said...

It seems to me like Lon is being hoodwinked. :/

She is Sara said...

Poor Lon, looks like he is going to have a tough time.

lucy and sarah said...

He really is a good Dad. Hope this doesn't get him in trouble with Ellie.

ivy's closet said...

I think he's going above the call of duty here with his EX.

molly said...

It would be hard to know what to this case.

Cait said...

What is he getting himself into???

Pearl Westwood said...

Aw poor Lon!

griffin said...

What's he been whipped into now???