Saturday, April 30, 2011

I just want to hate you more

Roger tried not to think about Doyle. Of course, he kept telling himself how mean Doyle was. He'd given Roger a black-eye. A part of him wanted to punish Doyle for that, but Olivia and even Amber were on Doyle's side about that.

Still, it gave Roger a reason to hate him, and he needed something to not feel what he felt right now. He missed him. He did. He didn't want too. But ..if he just had a chance to talk to him. To reason with him. It wasn't like he wanted him back. That was over. That part was really over. He had to believe. He was with Amber now. He'd put her through enough, already. He had to be there for her.

Finally, he had a chance to get Olivia alone. Of course, she was busy typing away on her laptop. Some big paper. Like her last paper ever for the semester.

"I dunno if I can be alone with you." She gave him a dead stare that she wanted to be left alone.

"Stop it. I need to ask you...something." Roger got defensive.

"What?" She stopped typing.

"You've talked to him, haven't you?" He sat on the edge of the bed.

"Who?" She was going to make it hard for him.

"You know. Doyle?" Roger hated to ask, but he wanted to know.

"He's fine. He's with somebody new, you know." She shrugged as if it was not big news.

"Doyle?" Roger winced. That wasn't possible. He was shy and possibly vulnerable. It just couldn't be.

"Yeap. Moved in with him. He's not even working around here, anymore. So you don't even have to worry about bumping in to him." She sighed.

"What?" He felt crushed. This hurt worse than the black-eye. Emotionally, anyway. "Who?"

"I doubt  you know him." She shrugged.

"Who?" Why couldn't she tell him? He was dying to know.

"Some hot guy named Finn." She was even lipped.

"Finn?" He didn't know any Finn.

"Yeah, he  met him down at the clinic." Olivia reached for what was left in the cup of her tea.

"Clinic?" Roger squinted hard. "Why would he go there?"

"To make sure he didn't catch any diseases, from you." She teased slightly. "But he found him a guy instead."

Roger gritted then. "He just picked up somebody at a clinic?" This was worse than Roger imagined.

"Finn works there." Olivia told him. "They're happy, Roger. Very happy."

Roger had nothing more to say. He hoped it didn't last. He really didn't see it lasting.


lucy and sarah said...

Its good to read this about Roger.

Cafe Fashionista said...

It's a tough thing for Roger to hear; but he has to accept it. :/

better days said...

So bitter-sweet.

meg said...

Roger should have known. Doyle is a really sweet guy.

griffin said...

I feel a little sad for him, but he made his choice.

Holly said...

Well..he knew it was coming, after what he did.