Sunday, May 1, 2011

bouncing back

Ellie was beginning to think she'd made too much of this about Charlie needing to know how to swim. Actually, it wasn't that at all. Just an excuse, she supposed of avoiding the whole trip to Reese's wedding. She didn't want to go.

Anyway, her words got twisted around and before she knew it, her dad had Charlie and Ellie signed up for swimming. "Then after you two get done, you and Zoe can have two more weeks of swim lessons." Her dad promised. And by then, well..just in time for the wedding. She guessed.

Still she felt like a fool, showing up at the pool that was an hour away from home, but indoors. Charlie loved having her all to himself. Her mother, or actually it was Blake who was watching Zoe while she was at the pool with Charlie.

Charlie had his moments. First wanting to undress himself. Then her. He'd talk about the pool and how he was going to be, but once they got in he squealed so that he cried like he was a little baby. He wouldn't dare let go of her.

It was then she looked over and saw who was watching her. She didn't know what to say. Was it really her? Roxie? It had been a long time. Maybe Ellie thought it was her. She was everyone enemy at school. No one liked Roxie. Except, Kyle. And she wondered if Kyle knew she was back.

Meanwhile, Charlie was kicking water. Splashing about.

"Oh my God." She heard Roxie laugh. "Is that you, Ellie?"

Well, this was awkward. They'd never been exactly friends. Hadn't they had bad words between them, when they last spoke? She wasn't going to remind Roxie of that. There she was with a preschooler who looked as if he knew exactly what he was doing. She was in her black Olympic style bathing suit as if she were an old pro at this kind of thing, while Ellie was in the last swim suit she'd owned. A two piece that Charlie found a way to pull the straps down, trying to expose more than she wanted.

"Hey." Ellie made an effort. "I-I can't remember-the last time...I've seen you..."

"He can't be yours, can he?" She looked Charlie over. "Are you a Nanny or something?"

"Oh." Ellie winced thinking this would be hard to explain. "This is Charlie. He's - he's my husband's son."

"I didn't think you'd have any kids of your own." Roxie shrugged. "You're too smart for that."

"Well, uh, actually I do." Ellie admitted as Roxie bounced closer with her little boy. "Zoe, she's six months old now."

"Really?" Roxie smiled as if now they really did have something in common. Kids. "Jai knows Kyle's little girl. He's in love with her." Naturally, he shushed her and put his finger on her lips. "I had no idea Rosie was even his kid. Talk about a shock."

Ellie listened to Roxie talk about coming back. She was so much more easy going now. She seemed more confident and wiser. Ellie was happy she knew someone in the group. At least, she was looking forward to taking Charlie to his swimming lessons now.


Krystal said...

it's nice when people grow up and leave drama behind!

Cafe Fashionista said...

Growing up is a beautiful thing. :)

lucy and sarah said...

Maybe they have more in common now.

molly said...

This will be interesting about their friendship.

clare said...

Charlie is a riot!