Thursday, April 28, 2011

only if

It was so hard to keep calm. Penelope had the jitters already, but she couldn't keep from eating the French toast that her sister had made for her. Olivia had came over as soon as Penelope called. She didn't really want to need Olivia, but she had to have someone to talk to. This just wasn't something she could share with the guys at the precinct. She knew they were laughing behind her back, already.

"Its like being demoted." Penelope never broke down in tears. She was tough. No one cracked her. But now, she felt as if she no choice but take the option they'd given her. They wanted her in the DARE program. She'd go to elementary schools and talk about drugs.

"How. How am I going to do this?" Her voice cracked. "I am not a kid person."

"Well..well..maybe its like introduction to something else." There went her happy-go-lucky sister. Her Pollyanna outlook on life stifled Penelope more.

"How? What are you getting at? I will never be..anyone's mother. Really? Honestly. NO." She took another bite of the French toast. No one had ever made her breakfast before. She was one solo act. She'd been so close to becoming a Marine. But she went into the police academy instead. And now this.

Her face tensed.

"Maybe it won't be so bad. And, and it'll look good on your resume." Olivia kept smiling. Penelope winced more. She was really beginning to hate her life. All these changes. A sister. Now the DARE program. What would be next?

She looked at Olivia's plate of French toast. Untouched.

"Can I have that?" Penelope asked.

"Only, if you say please." Olivia reminded her. She'd have to mind her P & Q's. No potty mouth now.


Erika said...

Things will work out for Penelope, she just has to become acclimated with Olivia. :)

ivy said...

I'm glad Olivia is there for her.

ivy said...
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The Blonde Duck said...

I always liked the name Penelope.

Cait said...

Great she has Olivia now!

griffin said...

Things are certainly changing!

E.L. said...

I am hoping this job works out for her and they can be there for each other.

Holly said...

um..french toast. I like their conversation.

meg said...

Penelope sounds like she needs family.