Sunday, July 3, 2011

gotta sing and shout

gotta get out, gotta shout, gotta sing
gotta dance, gotta jump gotta run
think i'll fight a war, I don't know what for
but I'll learn when I get my gun

well, I left home three days ago
I feel like going to bed
open the courts and a new religion
burning through my head
burning through my head - Johnny Flynn

Doyle really wanted to think life was back to normal now after the fiasco with Jonah.

It seemed Jonah wasn't taking his medication, according to Jonah's mother. There was a lot of things that were happening that she didn't know about. Like, being back in town. She thought he was still in London, and he was finding his own path now.

Then she showed up and things got worse. Jonah did not want to go home.

"No, you tell him to go home!" Jonah pointed  his finger at Doyle. He told his mother that she could take home Doyle. He started pushing things over, things crashing to the floor. It wasn't long until the cops came. Naturally, the whole neighborhood wanted to know what was going on. But after several attempts of counseling and telling him how easy it would be to walk out on his own...he wouldn't. Sedation was the next step.

Really, they both hoped it was the end of it. They'd spent the rest of the night picking up what was left on the livingroom floor. Finn's laptop amazingly still worked. Sort of. But Finn wasn't going to make Jonah pay for any of it. He was just thankful nothing bad had happened. Neither had gotten hurt. They'd decided that night it might be best to go on a real vacation.

"I think we should go to the Appalachians." Finn mentioned he knew someone who needed cooks and what not for the workers who where building homes for families in need there.

"What? You, don't think we could build anything?" Doyle shrugged.

"If we build things, it wouldn't be much of a vacation, now would it?" Finn smirked back.

Doyle thought of that conversation now. Yes, he guessed it wouldn't have been a vacation if they'd been carpenters. He was glad they switched out to do the cooking. Of course, it hadn't been easy the first few days, getting the kitchen properly running. Doyle had blisters on his feet. But he knew it was nothing compared to the house building going on.

Actually, it was the barest essentials. But they had packed their acoustic guitars, and it had been fun at night, sitting around making music. Somehow, he felt closer to Finn. It had nothing to do with anything physical. He felt happy to have found someone like Finn. And suddenly, it felt as if they were making their own traditions. Doyle enjoyed traveling with Finn.

"Maybe we'll go overseas next year?" Doyle told Finn now as they gathered around to play and sing. Who knows, Doyle thought, they might be traveling musicians one day.


Krystal said...

oo they could use a vacay for sure!

Cafe Fashionista said...

Making music is always a good time. It's nice to see that they're keeping at it! :)

lucy and sarah said...

I'm glad they survived.

ivy's closet said...

What a summer they are having!

Florence said...

so happy!!!!!

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She is Sara said...

I hope they keep at it! Seems like it would be for the best!

caitlin and megan said...

I love that Johnny Flynn song!

Cait said...

so love that song. I'm wishing them great times..ahead.

Red Reidinghood said...

Love the first picture, beautiful!
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