Thursday, July 28, 2011

let the games begin

"I think we need to play a game." Rachel said ever so civil as Sam was finishing up with the dishes. Her hair was still damp, braided back. and she was in a simple summer dress. They had the day off. It was best to make the most of it, and she would start with a small multiple choice test.

"What sort of game?" He winced as he wiped his hands on a dish towel. She could tell already he didn't like the idea.

"Just so we'll know each other better." She pursed her lips slightly. It wasn't that she was being a control freak about this.

"I dunno." Sam tensed.

"Come on, there are no wrong answers, Sam." She got him over to the kitchen table. "This won't take long, besides, the Animal Human society isn't even open yet."

"All right." He was reluctant. She knew she could have been asking him big questions. But she wouldn't. Maybe she was glad they hadn't rushed into everything. They needed time to get to know each other. She knew he rolled around like a buffalo in bed. He liked to fight in his sleep too. Some coach he was going to make. Not that that had been a deciding factor in any of this. She was still here, wasn't she?

"What is this?" He looked at the page of questions.

"Just go with your gut instinct." She told him.

"Sonic burger?" He looked up at her.

"Mayo or mustard?" She already knew.

"Mayo." He said.

"Mustard." She said.

"Favorite flower?" Rachel asked. They both decided on sunflowers, right away. She smiled. He did too. They got to the color. Blue. They both liked blue. Just how generic were they, she was starting to wonder. Finally, it was down to toothpaste. He was a Crest kid and she was always a Collgate girl.

"We are compatible." He then remarked.

"But you are a T-bone kind of guy. I don't like beef." She reminded him.

"Yeah, but you're not a vegetarian." He knew. "Your weakness is fried chicken. And you love those little gummi bears from Wal-greens."

Rachel sighed with a smile. Yes, he was paying attention.

"Maybe, its time for you to meet my sister and her family." Rachel decided. She guessed she wanted to get her sister's blessing. Maybe. But they had a dog to adopt first.


Cafe Fashionista said...

Their banter is incredibly enchanting! :)

ivy's closet said...

They are adorable together.

FWB said...

Oh, what a way to get to know each other.

Holly said...

Oh..Sam. He's adorable.

Krystal said...

aww...they are cute :)

lucy and sarah said...

The little things do mean a lot.

ellie's desk said...

She has to be the one. I think she's really good for him.

She is Sara said...

lol, progress is progress :) This was cute.

meg said...

So cute. I think they'll be OK.