Monday, July 25, 2011

turning the corner

"Don't look at me that way." Eric helped Ian with Kayla's dresser that she wanted in the new place instead of the old one that was falling apart. Of course, Syd said she'd take it. They could use it in Ella's room.

"What?" Ian winced. "Its just a surprise, you taking the job down-town. In finance, no less."

"It-its like a back up plan, you see." Eric explained that he'd taken the classes just in case he might need them in the future. Of course, he wanted to teach, but he'd had to take over some accounting things down at the Home. Office work, and it had turned out to be a surprise. "And, God knows, I need this. Plenty of student loans to pay off ... I can't just turn it down, Ian."

"But you wanted to teach." Ian gave him a confused look.

"Yes, I did. I do want to help people. Its just, this will be a different sort of way." Eric shrugged.

"Syd happy about this?" Ian wondered as he helped Eric load the old dresser in the truck they were borrowing from Doyle.

"I think. Yeah, she wants me to be happy. I want happy." Eric gave him an open grin. "Things couldn't be better."

Ian just nodded.

"Now, if Oliver was OK." Eric wished he was better. It frightened him when he heard what was wrong with his brother. He asked right away if it were contagious, or family related. He hoped it was something from Oliver's mother's side of the family.

"He's good as new." Ian told him. After all, Oliver was back in business down stairs. He was still making his scones and short breads. Muffins too. He had regulars in for coffee in the morning. There was the lunch crowd too. Usually, he never stayed open past three in the afternoon. He wasn't over doing it.

"I guess he's not having sex." Eric couldn't imagine a day without it. Poor Oliver, he thought.

"What does that have to do with Lupus?" Ian winced a grin as if his brother had said too much.

"Well, he's ill." Eric scowled.

"He's not that ill." Ian shrugged.

"What? You talk about this with Oliver?" Eric wanted to know as if Ian's favorite wasn't him, but Oliver.

"No. Its just, I've googled and that's the first thing that pops up. Its not bothering his sex life." Ian told him.

Eric just shrugged. He was glad he wasn't the sick one. "Forget I asked. All right?" Really, he wanted to not dwell on it. He just hoped Oliver made it, in this local business of his. Maybe this new job of Eric's called for a celebration. But it wouldn't be the same. Oliver not drinking, anymore. How could either suffice?


Cafe Fashionista said...

Oliver not drinking is a wonderful revelation! :)

ivy's closet said...

Maybe Eric will have to look at himself now. Glad Oliver is staying healthy.

lucy and sarah said...

Its funny what Eric is most worried about, but then he is a guy.

Lux and Stan said...

I'm happy for Eric. A really good paying job like that. But he's such a brother, too.

She is Sara said...

Hrrmmm, life without drinking, crazy! lol :) He can do it!

meg said...

Oh Eric. He's a bit smug.